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Fresh to FET - how long is it normal to wait?


Hello everyone. Hopefully just a quick question please. I just wondered what is the normal waiting period between a failed IVf and FET - where everything but the actual pregnancy test went well. Had my BFN last week and no just wondering how long we’ll have to wait u TIL we can try the FET. Does it vary between doctors/clinics? Also, we live a two hour drive away from the clinic, so i’m Wondering how long the embryos take to defrost, will we have to leave home before we find out if they survived the defrosting process?

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I always thought it was three months... but someone else might be able to help here. Not sure on the defrosting times... I know my clinic said they’d defrost in batches so I guess we may have been sat there a while. Be easier if the stuck them in the microwave, right?! x

Laceygirl in reply to emu2016

Hahaha love that! Stick ‘em in the mic! Thanks Emu! You’re a star xx

We were advised one treatment free cycle then we could start the following period!!

We live 3hr drive from our clinic so yes had to leave before knowing if our frostie thawed!! Embryologist called us a couple of times as we travelled with an estimated transfer time!! xx

Laceygirl in reply to Leo2017

Oh wow- that must have been a worriesome drive! Did you have viable embryos defrosted once you arrived? Thanks for the reply, much appreciated! Xx

Leo2017 in reply to Laceygirl

Yeah it was a stressful journey!! Unfortunately we lost one that didn’t thaw right, but our second thawed well - which gave us our bfp, but unfortunately I had a missed miscarriage at 10wks just over a week ago!! 😢

You’ll find the FET so much easier on your body - I certainly did, which all helps!! xxx

Laceygirl in reply to Leo2017

Oh no, so sorry to hear of your miscarriage. I hope you are taking time to grieve properly and you and the other half are coping as well as you can be expected. Thank you so much for your reply, you sound like a strong woman - sending you much love, hope and hugs 🤗🌈🙏🏻💖

I had a BFN on a fresh cycle beginning of March. Had withdrawal bleed and now with my next cycle starting the FET. Consultant said I could start right away if I wanted to and I did. So perhaps it varies.

My clinic initially offered me a follow up consult in May but I insisted and got a cancellation slot earlier and then was cleared to start on my next cycle.

Depending how they froze the embryo which these days should be a process called vitrification, the thaw happens really quick... my clinic said that if the embryo doesn’t survive the thaw, they’ll try another one within the same morning so that the transfer doesn’t get cancelled. (Of course unless you don’t have extra embryos)

Laceygirl in reply to abcgirl

Ah ok, that’s interesting. Thanks so much for your reply. We have four Frosties, and they were expanded blastocysts, but only b & c graded, so not sure if they will survive the defrosting process?! Wishing you much love and hope 🌈🙏🏻💕 xx

I got told that the withdrawal bleed after a failed cycle then a period.....then can you go again but clinics seem to vary! The embryos only take a couple of hours to defrost so they prep you for transfer, build up your lining etc and when everything is perfect only then will they aim for transfer. You may find that you only find out on the way to clinic if the embryos have defrosted ok if you are taking 2hrs to get to clinic.xx

Crikey, timing is everything then from the sounds of it! I have a holiday in 7 weeks for my friend’s wedding, (I am bridesmaid) so sounds like i’ll Be waiting until after that. Thanks so much for your reply Cinderella5 - lots love and hope 🙏🏻🌈💕 xx

Oh enjoy the wedding, good to have a distraction in between! Hopefully wont seem like such a wait with something nice to do in between!xx

yes fingers crossed - bit of fun is definitely needed. This IVF larks drags you down without you even realising it at times, doesn' it?!! xxx

I was told I had to wait 3 months/cycles, but I actually waited 4 in the end as I’d been so ill with OHSS I didn’t feel ready. FET was much easier as no e/c. I had acupuncture in between and all through my FET cycle (including twice on transfer day itself). We got our BFP and I’m currently 17w5d pregnant. Good luck with it all! Hope you get your BFP soon! Xxx

Laceygirl in reply to NsKaz

sorry to hear you had bad issues with OHSS. Really chuffed you got your BFP in the end though - good luck with the pregnancy... so lovely to hear the positive stories and cheers me up no end! xx

They said to be 3 months but I was able to start from my 2nd period so I guess it depends on your clinic xx

Laceygirl in reply to E_05

fingers crossed they are not hell bent on long wait then... thanks for the reply! xxx

Hi. I had my first FET in February tgatcwas a BFN. I had the withdrawal bleed start March and will be starting to take meds with my April cycle. I didn't want to wait to long inbetween cycles.

Good luck ☘

Laceygirl in reply to CJ104

thank you - massive good luck to you too on this cycle! So are you having two consecutive FET transfers, or starting a fresh on this cycle? xxx

CJ104 in reply to Laceygirl

Im not sure if it counts as consecutive as I've had a month off meds since the withdrawal bleed. I had a base scan after the bleed stopped and the clinic said I could start taking progynova with the start of my next period which Will be aroubd 10th Apri. No need to down reg as we're hoping to transfer all being well with the endometrial thickness the start of May. 😁

hi, i had a successful FET 2 months after my failed fresh cycle (1 period) similar situation to you, except i had an infection and antibiotics post egg collection. Frosties take 15 minutes to thaw, they don't take them out till you are there. Also, be prepared for some not to thaw, we thawed 3 to get 1 transferred. X

just to let you know, mine were both NHS cycles. They told me there's no need to wait longer than the period following the failed cycle, and there's also some evidence to suggest a higher success rate when not waiting longer (i haven't seen this evidence, was just told by my clinic.) X

Laceygirl in reply to embiemomma

oh wow, thats really good to hear. Yes i am still doing it through the NHS cycle. We're with our local hospital in Ipswich, but have to trek to london Guys for the transfer - which is a mission - but worth it for the ultimate prize! Thanks SO much for your replies - that is really helpful info. Good luck on your journey! xxxx

embiemomma in reply to Laceygirl

best of luck to you. My prize has just turned 1! ☺ xx

Laceygirl in reply to embiemomma

awww love that!!! wonderful - hope you had a super celebration xxx

My NHS cycles made me wait 3 periods, apparently to let you body return to normal after all the drugs etc. My private clinic will let you go the following month if you feel ready, so all depends I think if your NHS or private x

Laceygirl in reply to baby2016

NHS at the moment... be interesting to see what they say then. They have messed us around for what feels like an eternity to finally get started, so not really keen on waiting - but they are the ones in charge.. so just have to go with what we are told. xxx

baby2016 in reply to Laceygirl

The first month is really frustrating as you feel like you just want to get cracking with it, but after about 6weeks it becomes easier and you sort of forget about it and before you know it the 3months has passed! x

Yep three bleeds between transfers for us. Good luck xx

Laceygirl in reply to Tugsgirl

thank you - good luck to you too... surely your time is coming xxxx

I was wondering about this myself and found a study that compared starting soon after a failed transfer (as in frozen transfer less than 22 days after egg collection) vs longer and there was no difference in success rate or impact.

Laceygirl in reply to abcgirl

oh that is interesting - great article to share. I guess there are so many variables, its hard to really compare... thanks for sharing xxx

My embryo was not defrosted until I arrived at the clinic so I don’t think they take long to defrost. Check with your clinic whether their policy is to defrost before you get to the clinic or not- I suspect my clinic wanted to wait until we arrived BECAUSE we live an hour and a half away and they wanted to make sure we would get there ok!

ahh of course, yes that makes perfect sense to wait until you got there! didn't think of that aspect of it... thanks for the reply! xx

Thanks everyone for your replies! Have now spoken to hosp and they said we could start again as soon as my next period. Going to wait until after our holiday though, as don’t want to go away and not be able to fully relax but very pleased we can get going again ASAP! Thanks again xxx

Good news. It’s always nice to have a plan.

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