Unsure if I have been approved ivf treatment on nhs - help!

Hi all I'm really confused and don't know where I stand if anyone has had similar experience please let me know.

Im 31 been ttc for two years no luck amh tested 6.6 folicel count 3 doctor diagnosed poor ovarian reserve she said based on results you wouldn't be offered nhs treatment but she said was worth repeating folicel count next month scan showed 7 folicel doctor rang said good improvement you can have ivf consultantation. Had the ivf consultantation last Thursday doctor said based on new results we would look to start treatment next march she asked bf to book in for another semen test and me for a scan to check uterus in Dec just before treatment. I asked if March was a risk to wait due to low egg reserve she said she would speak to the other consulants if an issue and she would call back if no news we could assume treatment would start match and we would receive confirmation in the post. Monday had counselling with nhs cried talked about how hard it is to mange but was looking forward to treatment and explained the above. Today the same consultant rang and said to be clear she is meeting with the other consulants next week to discuss my case as overall results are in grey area and we need to access if treatment will be granted this is a completely different message to the above and have no idea what to make of it, was so happy last week thinking it had pretty much been approved and now I'm scared and cannot believe I have to wait a week for their answer I just think what was the point of my last appointmet if she is now back tracking, i also received a letter for follow up appointment in dec which i guessed was to discuss treatment. So confused right now any advice from you ladies would be great xxxx

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  • Hi where do you live? You should be offered at least 1 treatment I would think. I have a poor ovarian reserve and we were given 1 nhs cycle which sadly failed.😐 we were told prior to cycle if I got less than 3 eggs wouldn't be given another. We have follow up appointment in November after failed cycle in august. Usually a follow upor out patient appointment is if you've undertaken treatment so it is a bit strange. I would defo chase them up and get answers. You don't want to wait until December xx

  • We were stung by nhs funding. We were initially told we would get funding, but then got refused for slightly high fsh. So frustrating. There is no easy answer whether you will get funding as each area has its own guidelines. You could look for your ccg funding guidelines online is it should give you an idea what they will base their decision on. X

  • NHS funding varies quite significantly in different areas... Check out the fertility fairness website and look up your CCG to find out the criteria. 6 months from referral to treatment is pretty standard though.

  • You should ring your clinic and ask for confirmation on whether or not you have been accepted for NHS funded treatment. To find out what the policy is in your area you can find your Clinical Commissioning Group and a summary by visiting fertilityfairness.co.uk

    If we have a link to the actual policy it will be included with the summary - if we don't have it you would need to contact your CCG directly to get hold of this.

    If you have any further questions please give us a call on 01424 732361.

    Best of luck with everything.

  • Hi babez i agree with hannah id ring back and ask if uv been approved or not its unfair 2 leave u stressing like this...different areas have different guidelines which i think is so unfair for some people to get it and others not same as some get 1 cycle otheres get 3..hope it all works out and u get the go ahead babez keep us updated xxx

  • Thank you all for your feedback I think I would go insane if I didn't have the support/ information you guys provide. Sorry to hear your failed cycle katya38 I hope there is still hope for you. I live in London the consultant said she would call me next week to confirm the outcome I think they messed up and gave me my consultation before confirming the treatmemt so I have everything crossed that we will have at least one cycle. I've checked the ccg amh and folicel count is in range but i think my fsh is high at 16.2 ill let you know how I get on, wishing you all the best with your own journeys xxx

  • Hi all I just wanted to share my good news as last night the consultant rang to confirm that we have been approved for ivf treatment starting next march we would be entitled to three rounds due to catchment area however it will all be dependent on my first round and how I respond which will determine if they will offer another round. Feeling every grateful for the chance right now and thank you for your support xxx

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