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possible tests before IVF


i have endometriosis and have had surgery for this. i have had blood tests for fertility and all is fine. they tried to do HSG test but couldn't administer it properly. my husbands sperm sample came back fine (over a year ago).

does anybody know of any other tests we can do to check our fertility before we go for IVF? any advice would be appreciated.


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Hi Faith87. I'm not a expert... but u had blood test done your hubby is fine one bad thing is that u need operation to remove the endometriosis. I read that many woman after that kind of operation they went pregnant without IVF . If your Fallopian tubes r fine no block because inflammatory and your partner is fine and u ovulating normally....I don't think so u should have a problem to get pregnant naturally 😃 Well I'm not expert but is better if u ask your doctor Hun 😃


Hi Faith_87. The problem you seem to have is to do with your tubes, because they were unable to do the HSG. Was this because they were blocked? If that is the case, then it would seem that you will need to have IVF, as your eggs are obviously unable to get into your tubes to be fertilised on their own. Apart from surgery to remove your tubes, if it is felt they may hinder your chances with IVF, you seem to have been checked out. Obviously, I do wish you well with whatever treatment is decided for you. Diane


Hi Diane

Thank you for your response. during my HSG test, they had difficulty actually acessing my cervix and the dye spilled back out it was extremely uncomfortable and painful. the consultant said this is common for endo sufferers and fron scans my tubes look fine. i have had an op for the endo (nearly a year now) im wondering is there any other kind of tests before going down the ivf route.



Hi Parul. Thanks for getting back to me. An HSG can be a nightmare! Sorry to sound confused, but how does your consultant know that your tubes are patent from a scan on its own? He/she would be able to see that the shape was OK, but not the inside. However, from your history of endometriosis, they are probably blocked “safely” so that no fluid can leak back into the womb. Apart from what you have had done, there are no other tests you need doing, as he/she will have all the information needed to continue with IVF from the op you had for the endometriosis. Diane


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