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need advice before IVF

Hi all.

Alice, 36, PCOS

and some genetic disease. Doctor says if i`d have a girl there are 10%

that she`ll suffer of RTT (Rett syndrome). There no problems with DH.

Should I use egg donation or surrogacy with donor egg?

Wish to stop this vicious circle (once per 4 generations, in one of 20

babies in my family we got RTT), but in the same time I`d like to feel

maternity from the very beginning.

Or PGD can diagnose such stuff and i can use own egg for IVF?

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I'm sure there's a lot on here who know more than I do but it appears that Rett syndrome is on the list of conditions that can be tested for using PGD during IVF in the UK, not sure whether that part is funded by the NHS or not though xx


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Thank yoг for your fast answer, especially for link.

I wounder about how PGD affects embryo, because people says that this procedure lowers quality of it (embryo).

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I have no idea, you'd need to talk to a genetic councillor, have you been referred? Our daughter and son in law started their IVF journey after talking to one xx

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Yes, of course. He said about 10% of RTT (in case of girl) with normal pregnancy. But what about of "hidden threat" in genes?..

Also I have concern about my PCOS.

In any case thank you for link. I`ll think and consult about PGD in my case, if there won`t be any problems with my infertility.


I have heard though that PGD is incredibly harmful to the embryo then again I was told by the member of one forum that pgd has no influence on the embryo's overall health. however, I do tend to believe that you should consider pgd only in those cases when it is necessary like yours for example.


I`ll be desperately in need of PGD in case of using own eggs.

In other case (bigger infertility trouble) I`ll forget about it.


but isn't it dangerous to undergo stimulation with pcos? sorry, I am just asking, as there is a higher chance of hyper stimulation..

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that`s why I`m asking before making any decision.

If any further problems with PCOS, but no with own eggs (PGDed, of course) I`ll use surrogacy. Just in case.

I think, that my and child`s health is much more valuable then money (but I definitely won`t overpay, it`s better to spend saved money directly on child).


Just to jump in here. I just want to politely disagree with some elements!!😋

Regarding your PCOS your stimulation drugs will be adjusted according to this as to avoid OHSS, that will be your clinics responsibility to monitor and tweak accordingly, a clinic will be experienced in managing this as it's more common place as you may think.

Regarding IVF with PGD what happens is the embryos are cultured to day 5 and a few cells are taken from the placenta NOT the cells that make the foetus. These placenta cells regenerate. There is no evidence that it 'damages' the embryo as no cells from the foetus are removed. In theory the more day 5 embryos you have the more likely you are to maybe have a 'chromosonally healthy' embryo to put back for transfer once they are all tested.

Its a complex process but you will be FULLY supported by clinical team around you xxxx

However that you do decide to go ahead with DE you may be able to carry the pregnancy on the proviso that everything else is ok with uterus etc. It's tough navigating this process at first, I would recommend chatting to Diane Arnold the nurse on here who will be a wealth of information


Thank you so much for detailed information about PGD. :)

In such case (safety of PGD) I`ll ask my doctor more about my (PSOC) case. The only thing I was worried about was choosing between de or PGD on own eggs. For now we are collecting additional information about all of the process of IVF and all associated stuff (connected to our case).

If there no problem to carry a baby I`d like to try to do it by myself with only using PGD. without de or surrogacy.


Best of luck for whatever you decide xxx

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Actually, PGD impacts on embryo quality and its survivability. Just imagine, in order to conduct this procedure, you have to tear off a piece from the embryo. You should understand it’s a one fourth or fifth of all your baby’s body. I just suppose it may hurt and harm.

Many attempts are failed due to weakness of tested embryos.

In general vision, I find you might have PGD just because you want to have a healthy baby and you’re planning it.


That`s why i`m asking for advice.

In case of own effs i`ll need a PGD, that`s better than RTT (in family).

If there any troubles with my own egg than i`ll use de without PGD.


Another question is can you be stimulated at all? Have you any contraindications concerning to your ovaries?

There’s a relative risk to get ohss in your case.

look ahead

guess you’ll find the answers that direct


Awaiting detail data from my doctor.

Was very concern about PGD (possibility of using own eggs).

I`ll hope for best (that I can carry own child by myself).


Well, I’m sure you have to undergo tests to discover a full picture. Exactly, you should make all medical investigations in great detail.

Find an educated physician who’ll be able to consult you about your chances for healthy pregnancy and your risks.

Because sometimes we waste a huge portion of our time for empty theme discussions.

In such serious affair the most important things are your saved time and a health.


Ok, thank you.

P.S.: in the same time I`m in search for combined options (ed + surr) and earning money (at least to cure my health).


You certainly may earn money for having a treatment in US. and when you are close to have a required sum you’ll suddenly find out that Ukraine offers the same procedures and programs with smaller prices.

I’m joking thinly because I believe you know it without my hints. But my own story is an example of that how to command financial resources sensibly. I chose only surrogacy it was due to my health state. however I recall my clinic also had a program that implied your possibility of switching.

You start with DE IVF and if your tries were failed you would change your program. don’t recall all details but it seemed a very reliable option for cases as you have.


TY about suggestion.

If there any combined programs?

Ed + surrogacy within one contract, without any need in signing new.


Yes, they have and offer a special package including two attempts of IVF and then you may take part in surrogacy according to the one of three possible ALL Inclusive packages. It’s a one entire package you sign.

They have some terms related to the payments but this part is also quite easy.

As far I remember it’s called an Ideal package.

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Hi Alice,

What a predicament for you.

What are the professionals advising You? Think all medical background info would need to be reviewed and a decision taken from there.

Does DE treatment scare you or would you be happy to do this?xx



The doctor advises PGD or de.

I tend to PGD, but wish to know more about it, because of high price and mixed data about it (surely that clinic`s personnel`d tell about safety without mentioning about main threats). There are no way that I could use own eggs without PGD.


Hello Dolly_daydream.

Can you tell me more about your PGD?

I think that this information can be interesting for others.


What the stage of polycystic do you have? You don’t have a baby yet and just plan to have, am I right?

It will be marvelously for you to get pregnant in natural way and give a birth without complications. I know such cases have a place to happen. Maybe you’ll be lucky to have the same story.

An infertility treatment usually lures into endless races and exhausting tries.

Do everything to keep your health and health of your future baby. I don’t know but seems pgd is quite an expensive procedure?



Yes, you are right (ttc for 2 last years, no children yet).

Doctor said that I got it for years, but there are some chances to get pregnant.

Anyway I`ll use PGD because of RTT... Or even ed.


I hope you’ll get everything you deserve. Keep on trying. Two years isn’t a radical period for despair. you should try more.

Move on dear and be prepared for being happy. Good luck!

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I would also opt for PGS NGS or PGD one, it depends on what will work for you x



I`ll consult about it.

Either way I need to pass some additional tests after healing.

Need to increase overall level of health.


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