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Upset and Frustrated

I posted earlier re complications my body was throwing up. Well I got to have the egg collection on Wednesday which has again thrown up issues!

They only managed to get 2 eggs. No follicles in my right ovary were any good and distorted. So they had to try my left ovary which they knew had very limited access due to its position, being adherent to the uterus. It was apparantly very tricky but it was from this ovary that the 2 eggs came from. Being still groggy from the sedation I vaguely remember a possible scan being needed and was sent home with 2 lots of antibiotics. Also ICSI was going to be used due to the low egg number for best chances.

Yesterday got the call from the embryologist to say both eggs had matured and fertilised so if continued doing well the transfer would be either Saturday or Monday. Yipee I felt, although not looking forward to having go through sedation and another procedure again, so close to the last. (Having to be sedated for it due to issues with my uterus and the neck of it). But so pleased that things were for once going to plan.

HOWEVER, a couple of hours later I had a call from the consultant to say she had taken pics of my right ovary and there is something causing her concern. Which could be an ovarian cyst, something to do with my endometriosis or something more nasty: tumour/cancer! So I need to have a blood test for tumour markers and a scan in 6 weeks to see if right ovary the same, or changed for the better or worse. Therefore she informed me that this IVF cycle would be CANCELLED! The embryo's will be frozen so when can try again we can use them instead of trying to stimulate follicles again. She did not want to do the transfer, it be successful but then the scan in 6 weeks means the pregnancy is at risk or needs terminating. Of course having this news after the good news earlier I burst into uncontrolable sobbing!

I know that they are doing this for the best. It a shame because I have been told my fresh embryo's are doing really well and I know that frozen embryo's decrease the odds of pregnancy. It would have been nice to use the fresh ones.

I cannot fault the clinic and the staff as they have been fab throughout the IVF process and always keep me updated.

I am so upset, angry, frustrated, depressed. That yet again my body is not being straight forward and is interfering with my life still!

Sorry for the long post! Thank you for reading my rant/offloading. Please do not let it scare you as what has occurred is quite rare and everyone is an individual.

Wishing you all well with your journey x x

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Hi Squidgy,

I'm so sorry & sad to hear that they have cancelled your cycle :-(

I really hope the problem with your ovary is not too serious & can be resolved quickly & efficiently.

I don't think you should worry too much about the frozen embryos, I've read that it's sometimes best to have frozen embryo transfer because there will be no drugs in your system. Many women have had great success using FET.

Keep faith & I think you are lucky you've got 2 lovely frozen embryos waiting for you, they are just waiting for mummy to optimise her body so she can carry them around better :) xxx

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Hi Nystercia,

Thank you for your reply and lovely words of support. Much appreciated.

That's quite reassuring re using FET and has eased my worry a little.The 2 embryos are cultivating nicely still which is great. Hope they continue to do so.

Once again thank you and wish you well for your IVF journey x


Squidgy I am sending you positive energy, I hope it all goes well for you from now on. If you need positive affirmations let me know. I've been saying them everyday. They fill me up with belief, faith & positivity which is what we all need !



Thank you x x


Hi Hun really sorry to hear what you have been through. Infertility is such a long And hard battle. It can really feel like we are fighting against our bodies and it's so frustrating! I know how disapointing it is to have to cancel an ivf cycle it's heartbreaking isn't it? To see light and then bang it's gone :( I had to cancel my ivf cycle in march. Having sorted my tsh to a good level I thought great then my body randomly decided to start bleeding in between my cycles. Investigations were run and it turned out I've got a cyst on my right ovary and a small submucosal fibroid. I'm now being refered to an nhs gynae to have this looked at. I was lucky that I had a choice of clinics And I'm going to a private hospital as an nhs patient which has taken 2 months of my waiting time. Seeing a gynae two weeks on Monday :) And I feel there will another wait to get this sorted. But all we can tell ourselves hunni is sorting these things out will give our ivf treatment a better chance of working and ultimately although annoying will be worth it. This is a step closer towards you having a baby :) I wouldn't worry bout fet as I've seen many women on here have successful ivf with fet def less strain on the body. Want to wish you the very best with everything and I good it all goes well. Here if you need a chat X


Hi Jess1981,

Thank you for your reply and words of support, much appreciated.

So sorry to hear that you too have had to cancel your cycle due to your body throwing up issues that need resolving. It is a shame like you say that now you have to wait longer due to further appointments and the waiting times for them to come about. I too am being referred back to my gp and NHS for the investigations. Even though having this first IVF round NHS Funded. I wish the IVF clinic could do all the investigations on NHS as they are so good at doing the scans and caring and I know the hospitals near me are terrible for this. I feel comfortable with the staff at the IVF centre.

I hope your appointment with Gynae in next couple of weeks goes well and you don't have too long a wait to get any treatment needed so you can be back onto the IVF ladder again.

Your reassurance re FET is very useful and has eased my worries a little. Thankfully both embryos are still cultivating well.

Once again thank you and I wish you all the best x


Thanks :) Oh I know Hun. All my investigations were done via nhs and when I told my clinic my scan report they said it had ivf had to go on hold till I've had it all treated. And even then I have to bring all the paperwork and see one of the consultants before I can commence treatment. Gp wanted me to go back to my private clinic but my clinic were adamant this needed sorting before I can return.

I think it has to be treated at general gynae as it's not just a fertility concern but a health concern too. Your clinic are doing the right thing. My fibroid is def causing me health issues and i reckon is stopping me conceive too.

Once you've had the scan And the gp decides to refer you to a gynae you should be able to have a choice of clinics to choose from. It is your right to choose so if you don't want to go to your local hospital it's up to you. Most if not all referrals are done via choose n book. With me I got refered by my gp then a few days later received a letter confirming the referral and had choose and book form. I had the choice of three clinics. 2 were private clinic treating nhs patients. I think a lot private clinics take nhs patients which is amazing coz the waiting times are so much quicker and really nice hospital to be treated in :) Talk to your gp about this option. Explain how time is of the essence and how much you want to get back to your ivf. Plus coz nhs paid for all your bloods they won't want those to expire. Costing nhs money. Mine are only valid for 6 months so they will need re doing. Not sure how long your results are valid for mines different coz I'm egg sharing.

I was dreading my scan at my local hospital as they had missed my left ovary being so small before with me..,but Hun they were so so through I can't thank them enough they were brilliant. I'm sure yours will be too please don't worry.

When's your scan? Let me know how you get on, I'm sure it's just a cyst and normally they go within a few months :) It's good to get it looked at :)

Good luck with it all. I hope the wait isn't too long. Here if you need to talk Xx


Cheers hun, that all makes sense and once again thanks for your kind words of encouragement and support.

All I know is that the IVF clinic said I need a scan in 6 weeks and will write to GP to sort. So am waiting to hear from GP.

Best of luck to you too x x


I'm really sorry to hear this x you deserve to get the best out of this x it's so disheartening :( x how long will you have to wait until you go for the test and get the results and are able to give the Ivf another go , I feel so bad for you your going through so many mixed emotions but fingers crossed you will come out with good results at the end.

I know nothing we say can make you feel any better but stay strong xx


Hi Little3535,

Thank you for your kind words, much appreciated.

The IVF clinic say I need the scan in 6 weeks so that takes it into June. Of course then it will be waiting for results and if any further investigations,treatment etc are needed before starting the IVF again for frozen embryo transfer. So earliest will be end June/beginning of July if I'm lucky. Positive side, it gives time for my body to try rest.

Once again thanks and all the best for your IVF journey


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