Is Asda the cheapest for drugs?

Hello all. I'm about to go though my 2nd IVF, my first private clinic treatment. They've decide I'm actually now going to have icsi which as you know is more money and the prescription they have given me has so much more on it then last time (which I ok about as they are trying to do everything to make this one work). I'm now looking around for the cheapest deal for the medication. I've asked for advice again before on hear and got some great answers so I thought I'd just double check before spending all this make sure we get the best deal.

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  • Hi Casbah

    Your post is perfect timing for me. I'm about to have my second round of ivf next month hopefully and after the miscarriage last time the clinic have given me a whole load more medications so I'm really keen to find the best deals.

    I'm going to be jabbing my bum and tummy this time around, progesterone injections and clexane not too mention loads of tablets this time. Like you say though, anything to make it stick this time! I'll watch out for replies to your post to see what people say. I had noticed others saying Asda was good but just found out that Prontogest not easily available here, an online company can do it but there is a cheaper alternative so need to check with my clinic. I'm having donor egg IVF through a clinic in Barcelona.

    Hope all goes well for you!


  • We saved a TON with ASDA. I needed 8 Gonal F pens, so we saved between Β£1100 and Β£1500 compared to Lloyds pharmacy, boots, health at home, Browns, and Tesco. They needed a few days notice for a few things, but managed to get everything on time for me.

  • Yes, I've done several rounds of egg and embryo freezing as well as IVF and find ASDA to be cheapest by far. They didn't give me injection needles with my last round, however. Those I got from my clinic for free. Wishing you the best of luck!

  • Hey Hun, I know I've mentioned this to you before but I found Asda to be fab! And over Β£300 cheaper!!! The only hassle was that they could not get my needles ect... So in the end sourced these through the clinic. To save you the stress just ask the clinic if they can get them for you because it was such a hassle to get to them point of realising this xx

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