Is this the end of the line for us?

Appointment didn't go well on Monday. I was originally diagnosed with a poly cystic right ovary. Following a failed cycle they have now changed their minds. I had to be put on the highest dosage of drugs to stimulate my ovaries. Consultant said that I'm not poly cystic because on the highest drugs, my ovaries should have gone mad but they didn't. He now thinks that I struggle to produce eggs and that's why I needed the highest dosage. Chances of us conceiving naturally is very low. Unfortunately consultant said ivf is only option. We will have to pay for our next cycle, money we don't have. Part of me thinks it's obviously isn't meant to be then the other part says give it one more go so you don't have any regrets later in life. I'm feeling very low at the moment that's for sure.

Sorry for going on but it's nice to know people on this site will understand how I'm feeling which is some comfort. Thank you.

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  • Hiya hun I know exactly how you feel, for us if our embryo doesn't thaw it is the end of the line as we can't afford it and our consultant told us this week I might have to have a hystorectamy as my fibroids are way to big. Big hugs sent to you hun...

  • Im sorry to hear you may have to have an operation. Its such a horrible feeling isnt it, all you want is to be a mum. Wish I could turn off my mothering instincts, like would be much easier!

  • I get where you are coming from. I feel that we need to try and get the some money for one more attempt so we can say we tried. We just don't have that kind of money yet so I'll be even older if and when we do have it. I sometimes feel like "why bother, it ain't gonna happen". Can't help going from positive to negative! I'm determined to get that baby - but I honestly don't see it.

  • Know what you mean katiejane. Ive spent the last 3 years imagining what its going to be like to have our own little one. Ive seen all my friends having their babbies and my sister wondering when it will be our turn. As it works out, it doesnt sound like its ever going to be our turn. I feel really down about all of it at the moment but I really cant give up but I just might have to :-(

  • Hi. Sorry to hear that there has been a problem with stimulating your ovaries. I feel that when you go back to the consultant, perhaps you should talk about a different protocol for IVF. There are ways of approaching IVF so that you don’t “upset” your ovaries too much, which you need to discuss. Regarding funding, it might be worth applying for funding again, as the “purse strings” are no longer the PCT’s responsibility; it is the CCG’s (clinical commissioning groups) which involve GPs more. If you have a look at our website and go to the “NHS Funding” page, scroll down to the bottom, there you will find some template letters to fill in and send off to your CCG – worth a try. Kind regards Diane

  • Thanks very much for the information Diane. I have looked at the letter and looking into who and where I need to send it to. Not sure we will get funding but its certainly worth a try.

  • Too right Pumpkin. All the best with the outcome. Diane

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