The drugs have arrived!!

The drugs have arrived!!

Well, they arrived today, see attached. The only problem is that I am short six syringes for the buserelin and they have given me the wrong type of syringe for the merional which is 150iu a time and they have given me 100iu if one injection a day isn't bad enough, now they expect you to use two syringes for one dose.....ER, I DON'T THINK SO! Seeing as it is Friday and they are not open on Saturday's, I have a feeling that it is going to be fun getting a reply from them. Anyhow, I have enough to start the stimulation protocol....Monday morning here we come!!!

02/09: Had a phone call from the pharmacy to better explain the needles and syringes sent to I get it! and it certainly helps when they explain that 0.5ml = 50iu and 0.2ml = 20iu, something that the clinic didn't mention at the time of demo....hey, I'm an accountant, dealing in finances not doses of medicine and drugs!!

ALL is forgiven though....onwards and upwards.

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  • Did the nurse give you a demo of how to use everything? I am on 300 iu merional with one vial of water. Just took my first cetrotide injection today. It was a little fiddly.

  • Hi Anipea, yep the demo was done by the nurse manager at the private clinic, I am on buserelin, merional, ovaleap, and pregnyl with dexamethasone as the steriod during stimulation phase.

    Buserelin = 0.50ml, ovaleap = 300iu, merional = 150iu and eventually pregnyl = 10000iu's

    I suppose I could source the additional syringes and needles anywhere, thankfully the pharmacy got the meds right!!

    Hope that the process is going well for you....not looking forward to the everyday jab/s for the remainder of the month.

  • Best of luck for starting your injections! Just a wee tip, if you look closely at the needles you'll see they are kind of slanted so when you put the needle in kind of slant it with the sharpest bit going in first....makes it glide! Took me a while to notice this but it helps!xx

  • Oh wow, Cinderella 5....thank you very much, it is very much appreciated. With tips like using ice to numb the area and some suggesting deep heat muscle freeze spray...I think that I might just get through to the end of September!

  • Ha ha ha I'm sure you'll be fine once you get the hang of it! Shouldn't hurt too much, just take your time, I honestly does get easier!! Best of luck!xx

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