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Day 3 of injections this evening feeling ok about these injections now. Now is just a waiting game for period to arrive then scan again I'm pretty relaxed about the whole treatment now I know what's happening. Today I'll be going for late lunch with friends some me time is definitely needed after the week from he'll at work. Work is the one thing that's causing me so much hassle about time off for pending collection the girls at work have been amazing I cannot fault them it's my boss basically refused any time off last week of March I've told him I cannot pick and choose and appointments will be when they will be then goes on about loosing money which I feel is so very insensitive, he can make money any time and for a long time I cannot go through this process forever it's just extra hassle I don't need even though the lovely man I work with has said he would take a couple of days off for collection as this is more important then the boss agreed now disagrees again. Just want to really win the lotto at the moment he's never once asked me how I am if I'm getting on ok just always on at me about EC dates!!!! I've said if he doesn't agree when me and work partner have already sorted it then I will go sick which would cause him more hassle so the choice is his I've offered to have the time unpaid and he get an agency nurse for the day I'm trying to help of solutions anyway I can offered to work later to not cause any cancellations just at my wits end with work!!! Feels like a kick in the face when I'm always doing things for that place.. has everyone else had a hard time with work???? Xx

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  • He sounds like a real idiot. I would seek free legal advice as you have rights aswell, phone citizens advice x

  • Tell your GP and how much stress it's causing they might sign you off then he really will be stuck X

  • I'm willing to work but if he will not give me time off then I will simply get signed off for collection through to when transfer is finished with. Which would mean 3 weeks off I need 5 days off after transfer cause don't want to work the first week and think that will also cause problems x

  • What an insensitive b@st@rd your boss is! Does he know it's for IVF? (If he doesnt i wouldnt tell him as he would prob hold it against you later on). You have the right attitude lovely. This is your priority. If there isn't a HR dept can you go to a governing body or someone who looks over your work. E.g. ombudsman? Best of luck and dont let him get you down, it sounds like hes not worth the ground you walk on xXx

  • He knows it's for IVF that's what I feel makes it worse!! It will out in the end cause if I don't get the time off I'm going off sick for collection and until 2ww is over!!! Would rather be on sick pay which is not a lot then deal with that stress!!!! Been told already I can't just go off sick!!! No HR dept and nobody else senior to go to!! Might get in touch with Citizens advice x

  • From what I gather you can't be discriminated against for trying to get pregnant so if you got in contact with citizens advice you might get what you need. Good luck x

  • It's not about trying to get pregnant it's about having the time off for EC as it falls a week where somebody else is off on holiday and loosing money for cancellations x

  • Hi Honey,

    I would get signed off if i were you as when you have your ec and et you need to be calm and relaxed not having stupid arguments with a stupid man who evidently does not realise how important this is to you! I would think this is the last thing you need right now button is right you have rights to! i would remind him of this! the very best of luck to you for your journey and your lottery ticket!!! lool just make sure no matter what you look after yourself whilst going through this journey xxxx

  • I would get signed off from GP. How you stay calm with a prick of a boss I don't know. I was at an Inferility meeting not long ago and they told me legally once you get to egg collection stage and thereafter it is seen as operation and they can't overwrite this by a warning about sick etc. good luck but definitely get signed off the stress alone won't do you any good xx

  • I have managed to stay calm until Thursday I even threatened to leave my job.. but I am not going to loose sleep over or let it bring me down cause if I get refused time off clinic will give me a medical note and I have told him this xx

  • You do right. I signed myself off from work, il send you a message privately what I work at. Xxx

  • Try not to let it stress you out, youve done the right thing and if he still wont listen dont feel guilty and get a sick note, you are having a medical procedure so you should be allowed that time off! You are the most important thing at the moment so dont let it get to you xx

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