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Ok so had egg collection today for icsi.... Turns out it's the most painful procedure ever for me!!! I can't stand, can't walk and can't move!! I daren't move it's agony inside!!! Have had no problems with any treatment so far & this is worse than laparoscopy I had in December and that was with an ear and tummy infection!! Anyone had the pain this bad before? How long will it last???? Any way plus side is that they retreived 13 eggs and 10 have recived the sperm injection so fingers crossed for tomorrow and some hatch!! Exciting times!!

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  • Great news on the egg collection results Lucy but sorry to hear you are struggling. Just stay on the sofa with LOADS of films and choccy for the next couple of days. I'm at the clinic for monitoring scan tomorrow and so nervous that ive not responded. Each stage really is a Rollercoster. Hope tomorrow brings you good news Hun xx

  • Good luck with your scan let us know how you get on, how long have you been on this drug is it menopur? I felt the same I was so nervous but your body I'm sure will have done you proud. Have you had any pains or crampings or feelings since taking second drug x x.

  • Hi i am still quite in shock i had 8 eggs only .. Which is no bad number at all .. But hoped for more coz of sharing .. Hope our two wee fighters will survive and i am waiting phone call morning with decision when want them back in me x i was no bad yesterday quite painfull when u go to toilet with fuller bladder think its pressure today I was OK morning so didn't take any painkillers but took paracetamol while ago as it was all quite sore x nothing u can't stand but uncomfy .. Quite worrying how I am going to manage full bladed if we get to transfer stage .. Hope u get lots of embryos and well done x

  • How many do you have to give away Hun? Is this your first round? X.

  • Yes first round and had to give 5 away x hope they will help x

  • Were you under sedation or general anaesthetic?

    I was GA and felt pretty rough afterwards with low blood pressure and sickness.

    I found that throughout the whole ivf process, I felt the worst after collection for a little while- just wiped out and quite bad cramping aches and pains which continued into the 2ww.

    Make sure that you keep drinking your water and take some painkillers. Call the clinic tomorrow to double check what you are experiencing as you always have to have OHSS in the back of your mind.

    Hopefully you'll get some decent sleep tonight and an exciting call in the morning x

  • Hi I had a general and I didn't feel rough after I just was in agony, car journey home was horrid lol!! I feel so much better today, a good night sleep helped, how far have you got to on the roller coaster lol!! Hope your well x x x

  • Thank you everyone for your support. I had a fantastic night and the pain is getting so much better, still so sore but can walk now unlike yesterday!!! Have had pain killers and started the pesseries..... It's never ending drugs lol!!! Waiting for my phone call but what will be will be, and if it's suppose to be it will. I hope!!! Good luck to everyone, I decided last night my worst times on this Ivf journey have to be the first scan on day seven on menopur because the worry of them follicles not being there and not responding to drugs is so much stress. Also my next major is Sunday (day 3 after egg collection) As I am worried I hope they get this far but am preying the make it even further and quality and numbers is so important this day!!! So nice to know we can all support each other thanks girls means a lot x x x

  • Glad you feel better today. Day was agony for me too but then started to get better. Transfer was fine, I was worried about that as I found the scratch was painful. Good luck

  • Glad you're feeling better today Lucyireland26. Fingers crossed you get good news... Remember it only takes one egg! :-) It's my turn today. I'm having my egg retrieval (under sedation) at 11am. Feeling quite anxious & there's been a few tears as I'm a bit worried about feeling pain during the procedure. We're so brave to put ourselves through this. Hope you're enjoying some lovely treats today x x

  • How comes your not having general noodles? Good luck your be fine!! How many eggs are they expecting do you know? How exciting I can't wait to hear about it good luck!! I'm home alone today and waiting for that call lol!!! X x

  • I'm not sure but there's 6 of us here in the ward and we're all having sedation. I have 12 follicles (5 left, 7 right) but I have a cyst (endometrioma) on my left side so that might prevent them from accessing some or all of the follicles in that side so just need to wait and see. Keep telling myself 'it only takes one' so fingers crossed. Let me know how you get on with 'the call' lol x x

  • The waiting to go down is the hardest part, it's so degrading all the time lol!! Will message you later Hun, best of luck x x x

  • Aw thanks Lucy x x Yeah the wait is a killer cos it gives you too much time to think about things. Have to say though I'm still feeling quite excited. If this cycle works it'll all have been worth it x x

  • I couldn't agree more!!! I've just had my phone call and I have to say it's the first time I've cried or got so emotional about it all but..... Out of the 10 eggs inserted with sperm yesterday for icsi.... 8 have fertilised!!!! I can't tell you how happy we are!! It just another step closer!! Where r u on the waiting list today have they told you? X x x

  • Hi hun, I was in a lot of pain for about 5 days after mine. For me as soon as I needed the toilet my pain increased so I was going every 30mins. Lots of water & protein helped loads & now is 9days later & the pain & bloating has pretty much all gone. Good luck x

  • Ah thank you, yes going for a we is painful lol!!! So your on your 2ww??? How exciting!! Did u have a day 3 or day 5 transfer? X x

  • We ended up with a 2day as our clinic didn't open weekends so they played the safe bet incase they weren't looking too good at day 3. I am back to my old ways of POAS ! This morning misread it & woke the poor DH saying I was prego, haha, he's gone out & bought some frer now as he doesn't enjoy 6am wake ups πŸ˜† good luck x

  • I'm so thick what's dh mean and what does poas mean lol? X x x ha ha I'm going to try my best not to test early!!! ☺️ X x x

  • Ha no you're not, DH means 'dear husband' & POAS mean 'pee on a stick'. It's what they use on normal 2week wait sites which I was addicted to before finding out we needed icsi xx

  • Ha ha normally I google it to save the embarrassment but sometimes even google doesn't understand lol!! So when's your test date!! Your DH must have been amused!!! Ha ha I'm sure in awhile it will be a two line test anyway!! so exciting!!! X x

  • Ha yes hes being winding me up all day! My test date isn't until the 19th πŸ˜‚ patience isn't our thing πŸ˜† it's gonna be a long week! X

  • That's me had my op, 5 eggs collected. I was 4th to have my op out of the 6 girls in the ward. On my way home now. Feeling okay just a bit tired. I'm surprised how quickly I came round. Only a wee bit of discomfort at the moment but no pain. The hospital staff were fab I have to say. 8 fertilised eggs... That's fantastic Lucy. I'm soooooo pleased for you. Have they told you yet when your transfer will be? And how are you feeling now? :-) x x

  • Ah Hun, 5 is good, and the main thing is that you were aware they may only get that many!! Is it Ivf or icsi your having? Will they phone you tomorrow to tell you how many have fertilised? Yes 8 is fantastic I'm very lucky. Hopefully all 5 of yours will be going strong tomorrow! You only need two good quality ones to allow them to go to day 5!!! I've been provisionally booked in on Sunday for trasfer but if all is well Sunday when they check them and phone me it will Tuesday instead!!! What about you? Will it be Monday or Wednesday? I feel so sick still!!! Hope you rest lots!! X x

  • Yeah I'm so pleased with 5 :-) As far as i know it's ivf. Oh it's so exciting. My transfer will either be Sun, Mon or Wed. They're going to call me tomorrow to update me. That's a shame you still feel so sick :-( I expected to feel a lot worse (hopefully i'm not speaking to soon). I actually said to the nurse when I woke up "I don't think I've been for my op yet" and she laughed lol x x

  • Not sure why I feel so bad, so you start pessaries tonight? Oh keep me updated with how it all goes please!!! So exciting everyone's on the same journey!!! I can't believe your home so quickly!! I went down at 10.30 yesterday and didn't go home until 4.30!! X x

  • Fab news on your collection and fertilisation :-)

    Make sure you drink lots of water still as the follicles will be trying to refill!


  • Ah thanks. I feel so tired and my stomache feel so full like I've eaten far too much and I'm turn making me feel miserable!! With the odd cramps etc chucked in for good measure lol!! Want it all to hurry up feeling like this is pants! How are you doing? x x x

  • It took me a good few days to get over feeling exhausted from the collection and I pretty much had aches and pains up to the day 5 transfer and then they increased!!

    Just take it easy and don't over do it-general is always harsher on the body...

    I'm not too bad thanks, just taking each day to recover and recoup for the future :-)


  • So when's your test date????? How exciting!!! I have a call in the morning as it's day 3 tomorrow hoping they are doing well and won't want me back until Tuesday!!! I'm so glad you said you felt like that as I thought I was being a whimp!!! At least I know I'm normal and should rest!!! I shouldn't have gone out shopping today ha ha!!! X

  • Oh, test date was in was positive, but sadly miscarried a few weeks back.

    I felt pretty nervous waiting for the phone calls about the embryo progress!!

    Just listen to your body when it needs rest...

    Good luck for tomorrow x

  • Ah I'm so sorry, did you get any frozen embryos? Thanks will let you know tomorrow x x

  • That's ok. We've got one frozen and another fresh cycle to use :-)

  • I've had a bit of a sleep but I feel quite sick now :-( I start the pessaries (gel) on Sunday. When do you start yours or have you already started? You keep me posted too. It's great that you can speak to others going through the same experience and amazing how we're all so different x x

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