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Last injections before egg collection


Hi all, this is my first round of IVF and I've just injected my ovitrelle - no more injections done by me!! Reading all your posts has really felt very empowering and I draw strength from all of you so thought I would give some back.

I can't believe how positive I am at the moment. Before I started injecting I felt "why me?" And "so unfair" but once I'd put the first needle into my skin- Luckily I found it quite easy. I have told hardly anyone because I don't want questions about how it's going. That has felt powerful to hold something back for me and my partner alone. Plus I see lots of colleagues with chronic arthritis and a recovering cancer patient and I think, personally, what I am going through is life changing but not life saving. I feel so blessed with all I have- and I work with children so can't wait to have one of my own. Every day is taken one at a time - an injection at a time, sleeping when I felt too tired, telling my partner how I felt all the time. I am a little anxious about the egg collection but I know everyone around me will be trying their best. This has been nearly a four-year wait for us- people popping babies all around us - it never gets any easier but for the first time the other day I realised how hard it is for people we care about to tell us their happy news. There is so much love and respect for us from our friends and family (I have selective hearing!) That whatever happens now I know I won't be letting anyone down- not even myself.

Peace, love and kindness to ourselves wherever you are on your journey. Xxxxxc

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Good luck, great words!! Xx

RedScout in reply to jules0212

Thank you Jules2012. We're all in it together - you guys are the sisters I don't have. Xx

Good luck. You have the perfect attitude for this journey 😊 xxx

RedScout in reply to Daisy-Mae

Thank you Daisy-Mae - i thought I would ever feel like this - but there are things at work and home that you get through every day which make you strong. I used to think being strong was never crying but now I see it's picking yourself up everytime you fall and putting one foot in front of the other again. Love and blessings xxx

Good luck with everything. I'm one day post EC and it was fine. x

RedScout in reply to Mantaray75

Thank you mantaray75 I'm a bit worried about the pain afterwards but I'm off work at the mo so I can put my feet up. Xxx

Good luck today x

RedScout in reply to baby2016

Thank you baby2016- let's hope this is our year xxx

Good luck.don't lose hope.

RedScout in reply to sohely

Thank you sohely, you too! I'm feeling positive. Xxx

I wish you the very best in your journey and hope you become a mummy very soon! Let's hope this is our year to share exciting news with family and friends! Xx

RedScout in reply to NDE1987

Let's hope so!! Good luck on your journey nd1987 - I'm surrounded by children who call me by my name or "miss" as I work in a school. It would be heavenly to have one call me mummy. Xxx

NDE1987 in reply to RedScout

That's so sweet! My first neice is 5 months and whenever I am with her I always think I wish I had a baby like her! I am praying me and my husband are blessed this year with good news. X

RedScout in reply to NDE1987

Praying for us all xxx

Good luck! What a lovely post to wake up too! Xx

RedScout in reply to Becky179

Thank you Becky179 - life is wonderful and sometimes I think how lucky we are to wake up to clean running water - I'm not an activist more humanist. This is another journey I our lives and wherever it ends up we'll know we tried so no regrets xxxxx

Hi, RedScout it is good to hear that you finished with all the medicines before egg collection. The ovulation injection is most important and i hope you did it well upto 0. Just last week i didn't inject it properly and had problem...all the best.

Oh no that's so upsetting and frustrating!! It's such a long journey to get to that point. I hope you are back on your journey again. Lots of love xxxxx

yeah it was..just exactly before one week last Tuesday the day was the worse day for me...i was crying for the almost the whole much depressed...but now i changed my mind and believe that everything happens for the good...i hope to start to process soon and got period too...i m just waiting for the hospital's information....good luck n just relax yourself.....everything will happen good....good luck.

Well done for getting through that experience - you have come out the other side with more strength and knowledge and compassion for yourself- all wonderful mummy qualities. Blessings in your journey xxxxx

Thank you ladies - I wish you all luck and love on your journey. Xxxx

Good luck with egg collection, I was really positive before mine too, I was dancing in my gown on the ward! Haha sounds like you've got a great attitude, lots of luck for today!! x x x

RedScout in reply to MommaBear16

Thanks Mommabear16- We are full of blessings all around us - I keep saying to my partner how lucky we are- we just need to keep that going a few more months!! Xx


Lovely 💕

Good luck 🍀

Egg collection today went really well- 8 follicles which produced 6 eggs- the staff were amazing and the whole procedure lasted only about 15 minutes (our lots of prep time and rest the afterwards) I had an easy day of sleeping and watching tv! Only period type pains afterwards. Looking forward to my phonecall tomorrow. Love to all xxxxxx

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