Egg collection Monday! 😱

Hey ladies

So I'm looking for some reassurance for Monday with egg collection. I hear mixed stories but I'm absolutely terrified.

Spoke with my nurse Friday and she said I will be sedated and this won't necessarily put me to sleep but I should be very relaxed and feel no pain. I may sleep but would waken easily.

She said if I show signs of any pain they'd up the dose. This should reassure me but I'm still worried thinking but what if it's still really painful?

Any stories from experience would be appreciated.

Scan on Tuesday showed I had 13 follicles on each ovary (I had 7 on each before I started injections) scan yesterday they didn't tell me exactly how many just that I had lots with the biggest ones measuring at 20mm and that I was ready for egg collection on Monday.

I take my trigger injection tonight at 10pm

Thanks x

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  • Honestly hun and I am a big fearty.. didn't feel a thing. All I remember was telling the nurse how I miss g and t and woke up back in recovery.. if I can do it youwill be grand. Lots of follicly love xxx

  • Thank you. It's just the fear of the unknown and the fact I'm scared of almost everything lol!

    I'm sure I will be fine. I'm glad it's early because I would have to have all day to worry about it xxx

  • Hello. I was terrified too! In fact petrified. I had conscious sedation but as I was SO scared they also gave me a muscle relaxant to take the night before and the morning of (similar to Valium) I can't say I was more relaxed but I was more drowsy. They give you an IV into your arm with antibiotics and pethadine. I can't say the process was particularly nice but it wasn't as bad as I expected. When I did feel pain they topped up my drugs. It was over quicker than I thought, about 15/20 minutes all together. I was so happy when it was done. 14 eggs collected. They hooked me up to a bp monitor while I still had the IV in, that was a tad uncomfortable when it pumped up every five minutes lol. I also had to have a shot in my belly but that was nothing (obviously used to that by that stage lol). We got tea and biscuits. I was able to go after about 45 minutes. I experienced some cramping later on and tenderness but took paracetamol. Anyway I just want to say if I can do it, believe me, anyone can!!! Good luck. You can do this πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thanks. Most people do say it's nowhere near as bad as they expected. I just always imagine things to be the worst pain I've ever felt and then I'm usually surprised like oh was that it? Lol.

    I'm sure I will be fine and it's one step closer. I'm just such a worrier it's crazy! Treated myself to some new pj's and slippers for the hospital as they told me to bring some with me xxx

  • Lol I was the very same and went and got new pjs and slippers😊😊😊xx

  • You ll be absolutely fine. I was worried but you really are asleep and feel nothing. Just a bit groggy when you come round xx

  • Thank you. If I fall asleep and wake up in recovery I will be so pleased 😊 xxx

  • Hey

    You have absolutely nothing to worry about.

    Take deep breaths.....

    I had mine in July and I got a little uncomfortable with the Iv in the hand but quick as anything I dosed off to sleep and don't remember a thing!!

    Got tea and toast and all the nurses were really lovely!!

    Just cramps and really sleeping all day afterwards so pj's and chill ☺️

    I am about to go for my EC next week and not scared at all....

    Just think it's another steps forwards in your journey ☺️ X

  • Thank you. I will be so glad if I just dose off. That would be brilliant 😊

    As you say it's one step closer and I just need to keep thinking that way. Do partners come in while it's being done or do they wait in a waiting room? Xxx

  • Just take deep breaths and think it is a magical thing that we are going through.....πŸ’«

    Well my husband wasn't allowed to come in then room during the EC.....

    But waited outside so knew he wasn't far away....

    But....for egg transfer my husband was allowed in the room and that's a very magical moment ....we could both see them transferring it in the screen and it was like a bolt ⚑️ of was amazing ☺️ Xx

  • I think I'd prefer he wasn't with me dying EC actually. When I'm scared I prefer to be on my own which is quite strange but sometimes feel having someone else try to comfort me makes me worse lol.

    I'm excited about ET. Will be lovely to see and I had the dummy one so know it's not painful (just uncomfortable as I know you need a full bladder).

    Well trigger is done so roll on EC I guess..... πŸ™ˆπŸ™Šxxx

  • During***

  • Yeah I know what you mean....

    I found it very emotional during ET....just the feelings of what this could or couldn't be....

    Hoping I'm doing my trigger shot soon,nurse calling me tomorrow....

    Fab you've done the shot just relax and try to be positive and be nice to yourself the next few days....

    Let me know how you get on,I'll be a couple of days after you.

    Just away to take my nasal spray...YUCK πŸ˜‚ X

  • My OH came in. We both had lovely blue scrubs. And disposable headwear. He felt feint a few minutes in so had to leave and I took the nurses hand instead! He came back in and took over holding my hand before it was all over though πŸ˜‚

  • Hi I was terrified I was shaking and crying before they sedated me . But as soon as they sedated me I fell asleep and only woke at the end . I had 2 paracetamol before I went down and kept taking them every 4 hour after. I felt no pain during or after. The only discomfort was the bloating for me. Good luck x

  • Thanks Nyko,

    It's great getting all these positive stories for EC. Hope I can say look the same after mines πŸ™

    I know tomorrow I will be feeling physically sick before it. Will be glad once it's done! Xxx

  • Best of luck with everything, my wife's follicles wer very similar. We are attending our protocol appointment tomorrow.

  • Thank you. Good luck with your appointment tomorrow πŸ€ xxx

  • al d best Amanda86.

  • Thank you 😊 xxx

  • Hi Amanda

    I got the cal today to say I'm in Tuesday for egg collection wooo!!!!

    Are you all ready for tmrow? X

  • That's great news 😊

    I'm still really scared but it'll be over soon xxx

  • That's just natural to be scared but you'll realise later today thee was nothing to worry about ☺️

    Took my booster last night woo hoo!! Xx

  • Thanks. I'm sure that's how I will be feeling once it's done 😊

    Will be glad when I can eat in starving! Haha!

    That's good. What time will your EC be on Tuesday? Xxx

  • Mines is 10:15am Tuesday ☺️☺️ Xx

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