The IVF Rollercoaster

Hi i'm a bit late joining a support site; I have spent a lot of time getting advice from reading other ladies questions though. I started my IVF nasal spray in January, egg collection in February & transfer early March (5 day, 1 embie). The two week wait was horrendous, did anyone else end up depressed & isolated from the world? After the wait we were blessed with a positive test & I've just had my first scan at 7 weeks & all is well :) did anyone else feel like you can't be excited? All I can think about now is getting to 12 weeks! I allow myself a weekly preg test to help with the anxiety but every toilet visit I'm checking for bad signs! I still don't feel like I can do much exercise, any advice of what is recommended would be appreciated. Thank u x

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  • I completely know how you feel so don't worry your not alone, I felt that since so many things had gone wrong and the journey we had been on that something was going to go wrong. The waits between tests were a nightmare, I even went for a private scan at 11 weeks because I didn't see my midwife until 12 weeks and that's when they booked me in for the scan which was 13 weeks. I Am happy to say I'm 20 weeks tomorrow and all is well, the worry seemed to get better after 12 week scan as lower risk of loosing it then. Good luck with everything x

  • Thank u PY987 😊 it's a relief to know you felt the same & I'm not loosing my marbles. Hubbie, family & friends try to understand but I truely don't think they realise every day of waiting at each stage feels like a month. I try to think of it as hurdles to break it up into manageable chunks - I had no idea how mentally tough it would be & how you can't stop thinking about it. I stop the pessaries on Thursday, quite a scary thought! Hoping my stomach might not be as bloated though, seem to have grown half a dress size & I know it's not embie - did you find that? Fabulous to hear your 20 weeks - massive congrats 🎉 x

  • I know I thought I would be so happy and excited if we got pregnant but then all I did was worry. You Can't remember been bloated I was constipated a lot, I'd put on half a stone by 12 week midwife appt felt so rubbish I'm first 12 weeks ate everything in sight to make me feel better.

  • I've been the same, get really hungry all of a sudden & desperately need to eat or feel queezy. I was super fit before I started, now I just walk everyday as I'm scared of doing some damage. Will be relieved to get to 12 weeks so I can get excited & tell everyone x

  • I've not got to that point yet but I think I would be terrified till baby was in my arms now with my history! And then probably worry till they've left home and then again for the rest of your life!

    congratulations to you all, hope it all gets better for you and you can relax and enjoy your pregnancies. X

  • I think you might be right Squancy - I can imagine the worry never goes, I'm 36 & my mum still worries about me! :) I think the IVF way just amplifies doubt especially as we know moment the egg is fertilised - it's like the pregnancy is under a spotlight. Good luck with your journey x

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