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I’ve been convinced to give up on my pregnancy. Basically, I had positive tests from end of 2ww (29th nov) every other day until 7gh Dec, when I was awake all night, as my sleep has been really poor since egg transfer, and the tests were negative in the morning. The GP and fertility clinic nurse advised that I was going to have a miscarriage. I wasn’t convinced, due to advice on here and reading online about the subject, so I slept for a few hours and didn’t drink for 4 hours....I then had a positive test again. At this point I contacted the fertility clinic consultant for advice and he advised that I continue to use the progesterone pessaries and attend the clinic for a blood test. I attended at 5 weeks 3 days and he also conducted an intervaginal scan and could not see a yolk sac.

I got the results yesterday afternoon and a doctor advised that my hcg levels were at 24 which is too low for the pregnancy to be viable. He advised to stop the pessaries and wait for an early miscarriage bleed.

The thing is, at each point I completely break down, thinking it’s all over and then I read contrary info online. Such as 24 is within the range for 5 weeks. Problem is I’ve stopped he pessaries, as per the doctors advice. Does that mean I’m essentially bringing on my period and giving up where there may still be a chance of a healthy pregnancy, or could it still be successful without the pessaries?? I don’t want to prolong it if there’s absolutely no hope, but we all know that we would go to the enth degree if there was a chance of giving birth.

I feel let down by the nurses especially and now I’m not sure that the doctors are being as transparent as they should. They all seem very blasé about what I’m hanging all my hopes on.

Please could anyone out there tell me if there’s any hope left at this stage, if I’m doing the right thing coming off the pessaries, or whether I should be at the give up stage? I seem to get much better advice on here than I do from the professionals involved.

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I stopped my pesseries at exactly 9dp 5dt after my positive blood test and now have a 5 week old daughter, some clinics let people take them until 12 weeks and some don’t. I wouldn’t presume that if you have a viable pregnancy and you stop them you’re going to miscarry. I really hope things work out for you. Could your clinic do another blood test 48hrs after your first? If your HCG is doubling then things are probably all good x

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Thanks Lovefood1984, that’s reassuring! They want me to have another blood test next week. I’m going to wait and see if I come on, then if not go for the test. Xx🤞🏻

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Lovefood1984 in reply to Eltel81

🤞 xxx

24 does seem on the low side lovely. I would have asked if you could have them repeated two days afterwards just to be a hundred percent sure. However if you’ve been advised to stop the meds it does seem unlikely that anyone expects your pregnancy to continue. Maybe they’ve seen cases like this before? I wish they were wrong for you. It’s a horrible place to be in xx

Sorry your having a rollercoaster of a time. I don’t know the answer sweetie what I do know if when my bloods were done at 13 days past 3dt the clinic said they were looking for anything above 70. Just wanted to wish you lots of luck xx

I’m assuming it’s going to be bad news, it’s just frustrating that they don’t appear to be giving it the benefit of the doubt or trying their best for us. It’s frustrating! I’m given so very little information that I feel like they don’t care and think that I won’t be able to understand. I’m an educated woman, I wish they’d stop treating me like I have additional needs or something!!

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I'm so sorry to hear that and I completely understand your frustration

They ignored my concerns and I was proven right in the end- they seem to only be concerned if you fail multiple times. Why do we have to go through so much before they think outside the box.

It's very difficult to know what to do and I can empathise with you.

I had cramps and an early bleednjsut before it's and got bfn in morning. I upped my progesterone and the cramping and bleeding stopped and I decided to carry on taking until 14dp5dt to be absolutely sure it was a bfn

It does seem though you had some positive results that it is still an early miscarriage and as others have said if it's a viable pregnancy your body would continue its own support if you came off the pessaries

However there isn't any real harm in delaying stopping them either.

Even if until next week and see if any improvement in HCG.

Although I don't want to give you false hope there isn't a massive downside to continuing. It will just delay the bleed a bit- if you hadn't had the scan or taken a negative test you would have carried on with pessaries until your week 7 and been oblivious. So obviously no harm done- hope that makes sense.

I've seen stranger things so it's really what you're comfortable with. If you think you'll always wonder what if I would continue taking them x

To be a viable pregnancy, you should see the HCG value double after 24 hours. Can you repeat the test?

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Eltel81 in reply to HopeOfYou

If I don’t come on my period I am going to ask my GP to test me in a week.

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Unfortunately 24 is really low for a 5 week pregnancy and this suggests that the pregnancy is non viable/non continuing, Im sorry. I guess the confirmation will be your repeat bloods but its a shame that they are making you wait so long. Hugs.xx

Really sorry for what you are going through it’s heartbreaking. I had a chemical pregnancy last year & the sense of loss is unimaginable. Unfortunately it does sound like a chemical pregnancy, I would love the medics to be wrong for you 😢It is a awful place to be, but you will in time get through this. I hope you have plenty of support around you xoxo

Sorry you're going through this lovely, it's absolutely horrible. I'm going through something very similar and unfortunately I am miscarrying at 6 weeks. For me, I carried on pessaries as I really didn't want to accept that the pregnancy was over but I still bled. If your body knows the pregnancy isn't viable it will take over. I'm so sorry, I really hope you get some positive news at your next blood test. If you need support, this is a brilliant place to come. The ladies here are really helping me through and I'm sure they would do the same for you.

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Eltel81 in reply to Kitcat12

I think I am going to miscarry, I feel awful, just waiting for the bleed. It’s worse than getting a negative test, as we got so excited about being pregnant. It makes me want to sack off this horrendous process, full of horrendous professionals


I feel the same as you at times, hence why we are now looking into changing clinics. This process is tough enough without having to deal with people who you feel aren’t supporting you.

Might be worth considering?


We move around because my husband is an army officer....we are currently with a clinic miles away, as the process was delayed for well over a year by a doc who didn’t fill out paperwork for us to access ivf in the first place. Hubby had to escalate a complaint for this to even happen. I’m hoping to move clinics to the hospital I now work in as an OT, as that would make life easier. Is it possible to change clinics if we are funded by NHS?

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Kitcat12 in reply to Eltel81

Feel exactly the same, I know it's common and they see this all the time but that really doesn't make it any easier for us to come to terms with. All the best lovely x

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Eltel81 in reply to Kitcat12

It just seems like they don’t act transparently. In every other walk of life you are given your options to choose. In this process, they tell you something and you take for granted that’s what should happen, and then you go online to find lots of other options that were not even discussed. I will be feeding this back, but I’m sure it’s just that fertility careers should be short, they seem to get more and more insensitive the longer they work in them.

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