2nd lap this morning!! Eeeek

Im witting this post from the waiting room waiting to be admitted for a lap. Although this is my second one. The first one was just diagnosis this one is to remove all the Endo. I'm soo nervous as my previous lap resulted in me have a puncher in my womb. I'm scared I'm going to wake up with a colostomy bag or to be told my fertility is in a dire state or they were unable to take out all the Endo ... Nerves nerves nerves!!

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  • Good luck withe ur procedure, hope u get some good news after it x

  • Thank you For your kind words. Op was a success and fertility unaffected in soo happy about that...but unfortunately still in Hosp as I have unable to open my bowels which is soo painful! I just want to go home now x

  • Hi. By the time you read this your laparoscopy will all be over with. I do hope that it all went well, and that you’re not too uncomfortable. Have a good rest and at least it’s one more procedure over and done with. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane for your kind words. Op was a success but unfortunately still in Hosp as I have been unable to open my bowels which is soo painful! I just want to go home now x

  • Hi. So sorry to hear that your recovery has been delayed. Let’s hope by now your bowels are now behaving themselves! This might be something you will need to be aware of and to watch your diet. (lecture over)! Hope the op went well and they have either treated you, or come up with a treatable diagnosis. Thinking of you. Diane

  • I have just had my first lap - I eat healthily but sometimes your system just shuts down at times of difficulty and so I've given senokot a go for the first time and it's working thankfully, although I'm a bit paranoid as the bleeding hasn't stopped fully and it's been three days, and I have a slight burning when I wee which I'm worried is a urinary infection- I'm drinking lots of water and hoping I don't need antibiotics. Anyway I feel your pain! They have removed some minor endo on this first lap of mine but I need to have a longer op as they found a larger endo of about 4cm tucked between my womb and my bowel (RVE) which will also need to come out. I know it's been some time now but I would love to hear how you found recovery from the second op and incisions etc compared to the first. Most of all, take care and best of luck for your full recovery.

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