Retest this morning

Retest this morning

Hi all, yesterday I got a faint positive at 14DPO on a cheap strip test. I didn’t have a first response so bought one after work and did it at 5am this morning along with another cheap strip. The first response now has a line, but the cheap strip barely shows a trace of one, you can only see it because I know where to look. Hubby can’t see it. I had brown spotting and bad cramps on sun/mon/tue (11,12 and 13dpo). Late implantation making the line faint, or is this maybe not going to turn into anything? So scared 🙈 I’m supposed to be starting 3rd round of ivf this week and clinic waiting for me to ring with CD1. Don’t know whether to ring my consultant or just sit it out?

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  • Morning and fingers crossed this is good news! I would probably wait it out and see if AF arrives. Then if it does you can book in for treatment on CD1. If it doesn't then I would wait a week and retest and if your still pregnant I'd call them to explain.

    Fingers crossed for you xxxxx

  • I WISH I had the willpower to wait a week. 😂 I’ll try and hold out for a couple of days and hope for a darker line.

  • Haha I know it's sooooo hard to resist. I would probably test daily but as long as you wait a week before you make a decisions xxx

  • You can definitely see a very faint line. Can you try to wait a couple more days and test again? xx

  • I’ll try my best. I imagine I’ll probably test again tomorrow 😱 unless I make my hubby hide my one remaining test...

  • Line is very visible. Is it a FRER test? If not get one of those as more sensitive apparently. Clear blue early response also another option. My internet cheapies are still faint. X

  • Yes it’s FRER. Just think it should be darker by now but I’ll have to sit tight! 🤞🏼

  • Wouldn’t the clinic be able to do hcg blood tests to confirm or not confirm?

  • I’ve ordered a blood test from medichecks as my clinic is an hour away xx

  • Hoping you get good news but I would think it was negative. Good loch

  • There is a second line there, it's best to test again in a couple of days. All the best 🤞 X

  • Hello . I do see a line. I would re test in a few days time to see if the line gets darker . But there is a line there. All the best xx

  • Think I got my hopes up too much and now I’m terrified in case it goes away xx

  • It’s understandable. Lots of love xx

  • Deffo a line and FRER are really reliable fingers crossed the line is nice and pink tomorrow let us know xxx

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