Success stories with absent fallopian tubes

Just turned 30 and have absent fallopian tubes with no other problems, all blood tests are fine and partners sperm is both good for IVF/ICSI, My ovarian reserve count is 31.4. Had one failed IVF last year before I had tube removed in November with a 5 day transfer, moving on to frozen transfers shortly, Just had a Laparoscopy to remove my remaining fallopian tube, and a hysteroscopy to check my uterine cavity, and came back normal with no pathology. Im hoping to get a successful pregnancy from our frosties in a few weeks, been waiting ages to have them transferred.

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  • Poor u having wait for so long that's not nice. Wait over nearly how exciting :) Best of luck hunni I really hope it works and u get ur BFP very soon X x x

  • Thanks Jess1981 best of luck to you too. x

  • Thank you Hun. Less than 3 weeks till our 1st ivf consultation :) Not long for either one of us to wait yippee X x x

  • when are you starting?

  • Hi Nellynel I have a appointment on the 13th August, will be having the natural FET.

  • Do you know how long after your apt you will have to wait? I think you said before you don't need all the drugs etc with the natural one.. that's got to be better. I start my treatment in Aug. Im really scared as I have a low AMH so may not respond..

  • Hi nellynel I will most likely be staring the frozen cycle on the day my period begins in August, what was your reading for your AMH, did the fertility clinic test it on the 2nd day of your period, that is how they did mine.

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