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Blocked fallopian tube


Hi everyone, I was hoping for some advice. I recently had a hsg and ultrasound, which revealed I had a blocked fallopian tube.

I came off the pill 18 months ago and gradually the pain/bloating has increased. I have the first follow up hospital appointment since the hsg in a few days and was looking for advice on what treatment options to expect and questions to ask?

I have googled and have slight idea but Google is not always the best idea :-)

Any advice would be appreciated. I just have a bad feeling they will do nothing and say go away and keep trying for another few months.

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Hi. I replied to your previous post.

I hope i can be of some help to you.

Don't do what i did (although its easier said then done) and try not to get yourself worked up, i had exactly the same thoughts and i drove myself crazy, i'd convinced myself that they werent going to do anything and just leave me.

When i had my 1st gynae appt which was only just over a month ago, he confirmed that mine had been caused my PID and that i had an infection, so even though i had already had 2 lots of antibiotics, he wanted to prescribe me some more, he then went on to tell me that my only real option was to have the tube removed, because theres alot of risks involved, so when i go back on the 24th august, we'll be discussing surgery.

Have you been told why they think your tubes blocked? What has caused it?

Ask as many questions as you can, even if they may seem silly, write them all down so you don't forget them. I'd already mentally prepared myself that my tube was probably going to be removed so even though i was upset about it, i kind of new it was going to be the only option.

We are all in this together, feel free to message me whenever you want, sometimes it can feel very lonely xxx

Staceq in reply to Nickimidge

Thanks, I really appreciate it. I have definately been driving myself abit crazy over it.

Sorry to hear about you needing surgery.

Unfortunately I haven't had the appointment with the consultant yet, i only know it's blocked because they told me on the day of the hsg. I have no idea of the cause but suspect it may be endo related. I haven't been diagnosed but have some symptoms and a family history.

Writing questions down is a good idea.

Nickimidge in reply to Staceq

I drove myself insane, and my doctor i think, i was there weekly at one point just because i felt i needed to talk and be reasurred about it constantly, thankfully my GP is amazing and has done alot for me.

Mines blocked with fluid which isn't improving so i don't have any other option now unfortunatly, my partner and I have currently stopped trying to concieve for the time being because he's so worried about me and ectopics etc. I've kind of come to terms with it being removed now, and just want it out so we can start trying again. There may be different options for you? I know theres a procedure where they can open up the ends of the tubes. Hopefully it'll all be discussed with you and won't be as bad as you think.

Don't leave the appt until you've asked everything you want to ask, and don't let them fob you off, hopefully that won't be the case anyway.

Is somebody going with you? I cried all the way through my gynae appointment, was a good job my partner came with me because i couldn't remember half of what was said to me because i was in such a state! Xx

Staceq in reply to Nickimidge

Thanks for sharing with me and sorry you need to have the tube removed.

I'm hoping they might offer to unblock the tube to reduce the pain. Think I am feeling abit low anyway at the minute so naturally thinking the worst.

My partner is coming with me, so depending on him to be level headed!

Nickimidge in reply to Staceq

Well i hope he's as good as mine was, to say he doesn't listen at the best if times, he was fab, it made him realise what i'm going through because he didn't really understand it all, and didn't understand why i would get so upset etc.

I hope that they can find another solution for you instead of surgery, i shall keep my fingers crossed for you.

Always here for you if you want a chat! Xx 😘

Hi hun. Look up serrapeptase. I had slow tubes full of adhesions scar tissue either from Endo or serrapeptase I didn't conceive for 2 and half years. Decided not to go to fertility docs and try sort it out myself. I found serrapeptase and within three months of taking it I cleared my tubes and conceived unfortunately I lost it. But it's more than what happened in 2 and half years. You still have a chance of conceiving with one tube hun

Sorry I can't tell you anything about what docs will do. All they said to me was to go for Ivf or expect an ectopic.

Hope everything goes well hun xx

Sorry I didn't mean serrapeptase caused adhesions I meant to write endo or c section sorry. Hope it makes sense now xx

Hi, had my hospital appointment today and im going for a laparoscopy. Hopefully they will clear the blockage but they mentioned about removing the tube, if needed. The ultrasound was clear, so I think this may be unlikely.

At least something is happening and hopefully will relieve some pain. Definately feeling abit better about everything!

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