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Starting short cycle ICSI


I am due to start short cycle ICSI in the next few days. I'm on my break from microgynon so should be going in for a scan early next week then starting the meds. I'm going to be taking gonal f and centre-something. I was just wandering if anyone who's already been through this had any advice and if anyone could give me an idea of timescale. I'm not sure how long it will be before I'm at the ec stage. I feel like I can't make any plans as I don't know when all the scans and check ups will be happening. I am under guys which is quite far from me too.

I know everyone's experience is different but I just want to get my head around what's going to happen.

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I did a short protocol with gonal f and cetrotide also. I wasn't on microgynon or anything similar so I'm not sure how it works with your cycles but I started my gonal f on day 2 of my cycle, then added cetrotide from day 5.

I was stimulating (injecting) for 23 days before EC but that was because I was a late responder to the medication. Overall the EC is usually within 2-4 weeks. Hope this helps.

Good luck on your journey xxx

Hi, I had short protocol ICSI with gonal F and cetrotide too. I found it ok although I was quite tired. The clinic I was at had appointments 1st thing for scans so I was able to get to work after - lucky that clinic and work and home are all within a few miles of eachother. I too started gonal F on day 2 then cetrotide on day 5. Scans started on day 8, and I think I had 3 scans then egg collection on around day 14. I responded well to the meds, but everyone is different - it takes some people a little more time to get their follicles to develop, doesn't mean you wont get good result. My egg collection was on a Friday so obviously I took that day off then had the weekend to recover. Then had embryo put back on day 19. I really found the whole thing ok. I was tired by the end of it and obviously it is an emotional rollercoaster but I managed to work throughout - although my job is not physically demanding. Just keep focused on your goal and take each day as it comes. Try to rest when you're not at work and let your other half look after you! I got the hang of the injections and was a pro by the end too!

Lots of love and good luck xxx

Thank you both, that's really helpful just to have a rough idea of what will happen. I've got my scan tomorrow so they will probably tell me about it then. I'm just impatient. Thank you x


Hi , I am just wondering how your cycle is going? My story is similar to yours and I have just started my round with the same drugs and hospital.

LSD9944 in reply to Hidden

Sorry for the slow reply! My cycle seems to be going well. I was on gonal f for 14 days before I took my trigger (buserelin) for the egg collection.

Fortunately, I didn't have many side effects from the meds, just night sweats and slight abdominal pain. But it didn't effect my daily life.

I had to go back for scans and blood tests every other day which was a bit frustrating as I missed a lot of time from work.

I had my egg collection last Monday and they collected 6 eggs, 3 of which were mature enough for fertilisation. I was supposed to have my embryo retrieval on Thursday but she said 2 were doing well so they would put both in and I could end up with multiple pregnancies. So we have waited until today to do the embryo transfer.

I found the whole process generally a lot less stressful than I anticipated.

Best of luck with your treatment. What stage are you at? Have you started your meds?x


Oh that's great news!! Well done having 2 put back today! I hope you are resting now!! I started on 450 Gonal F on Tuesday and I start the cetrotide injection in the morning. Scan next Wednesday. I am with Guys too . I am feeling ok. Obviously apprehensive how many eggs I will get . 6 would be fantastic!!! Anyway fingers crossed for you pet as you begin the long 2 week wait!!! X

Hi ladies just wondering how it went for both of you? I am in the same exact situation @guys

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