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ICSI Cycle help?

Hi I am new to the forum and am quite confused.

I have just completed, at the end of November, my first cycle of ICSI which was unsuccessful. We only retrieved 4 eggs, 2 of which fertilised and only one survived to be transferred on day 2.

We saw our consultant a couple of weeks ago who said that we can have our second and final cycle after a 3 month break.

My question is this, if I get more eggs this time that can be fertilised and frozen, if the next embryo transfer doesn't give us a successful outcome would the cycle be over or would we be able to keep trying transfers until all the embroys have been used? I understood that a cycle was from stimulation to transfer but someone I work with who is having treatment too said that its until all eggs are used and now I am completely confused :(

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Hi jodie. Welcome to the site. Everyone is really helpful and supportive on here. With the nhs i think you can have 2 full cycles which means if you have any frozen ones once they are used from your 2nd cycle thats it. I hope you are lucky this time and get your bfp. Good luck xx

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hi jodie , i just had my 1st ivf cycle which failed last week but i responded like you only 5 eggs retrieved , 2 fertilised 1 abnormally and 1 was a 3dt ..none to freeze ! so unfortunately from our 1st nhs funded cycle we had no frozen embryos so our next cycle will be our 2nd round :/ we are hoping that this will be different to this round and are praying we get to freeze some next time around. what i have read your round of ivf is not over until you have used all your frozen embryos, once used then you have to start a fresh cycle again ..hope this helps xxx



I think it depends on your area but in Scotland one cycle includes the transfer of any frozen embryos.

You might find this website helpful as it explains what you are entitled to in each part of the country.


Good luck x

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I think it depends on which area of the country you are in. In mine, we only get one funded cycle but it lasts until all embryos from that cycle are used (unless you are successful in which case subsequent FETs have to be paid for). Good luck!


Depends on th area, in mine it's the cycle and if any frozen you pay just for transfer, so dramatically cheaper in that case.

Sorry to hear your cycle didn't work out this time. Lots of luck and baby dust to you xx


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