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Starting treatment on the short protocol for ICSI


We went for a follow up appointment yesterday, the consultant we see is so lovely explained all our results, the test results and looking at my scan in depth there is no PCOS on either of my ovary which I was told it was on one of my ovaries at the scan, which is brilliant news, it did show lots of follicles in both ovaries though which they have said is down to my not ovulating each month, my AMH was 34 which I'm told is amazing and there should be no problem with egg collection, so we've been put forward for ICSI and will know in 3-4 weeks when we start treatment, they've said it will be 2 weeks of treatment and we're following the short agonist protocol and I should take a week off after egg collection and transfer.

What does the short protocol entail? Does anyone have any recommendations I was going to start acupuncture but not sure if it's too late now. I'm also wondering what everyone else did in terms of working did you take more than a week off? I'm doing my best to work around it all right now!

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Hey E_R12. How exciting and your AMH levels sound fab! I'm glad you have a lovely consultant, it makes all the difference :)

I have just started my first cycle on Saturday and am on day 4 of the jabs on the short protocol. I think even within the protocol types, process and meds can differ between clinics, but for me once my meds had arrived it was just a matter of waiting for my period to start. I then started with merional injections on day 2 of my cycle to (hopefully!) stimulate the ovaries to produce lots of lovely follicles.On day 5 of the injections (which is tomorrow for me), I start cetrotide, which stops me from releasing the eggs before the clinic are ready to collect.

From what I understand, I will probably have a trigger shot (to stimulate ovulation) on around day 12 of my injections with egg collection then happening 36 hours after that shot. After that its just a matter of seeing how many are successfully fertilised and then waiting to see how many survive to be put back/frozen.

I'd say not too late to start acupuncture if you've got another month or so before you have a start date anyway. I started acupuncture a month ago so probably similar timing to you! I also cut out all caffeine and alcohol and am trying to make sure I eat lots of healthy high protein low carb food.

In terms of time off work, I am having about 9 days off from egg collection which should take me a week into the 2ww. Purely because I have lots of holiday to use and have a fairly demanding and stressful job, so thought I'd make sure I take the time to relax! But this is definitely a personal decision for each person (although you'll need a day off for egg collection and maybe the day after).

Hope that helps! Wishing you lots and lots of luck! xxx

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Hi Strawb86 thank you so much for all the information, it's all so new and I'm still trying to keep up with all the jargon, even as a nurse I'm still learning it all as I go along! The short protocol seems really quick, which I'm definitely not complaining about! I've bought the Zita West book but haven't had time to look at it yet, but a high protein diet seems to be the way to go, luckily I don't drink caffeine or alcohol so just the diet to improve. The clinic has told me I have to take one week off, so I'll possibly try get some annual leave to add onto it.

It's all so exciting and nerve wracking at the same time! Your about a month ahead of me in your treatment then, hope everything goes well for you, good luck! Xx

Hello, congrats on making it to the next step! How wonderful that you've got a plan in front of you. I remember my friend telling me I'd be less grumpy on the short protocol. Because no down regulating... And it wasn't as prolonged so was over pretty quick! :)

You should get your plan and as soon as you get that it all starts to make sense and you can start to plan. I felt that this point was a bit like limbo. Stuck and not knowing much. Have you read Zita West's fertility book? Great way to pass the time and very helpful xx

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Hi emu2016, we're in a daze it's all happening so fast we only had our initial appointment in January! It's so nice to have a plan in front of us now, I'm liking this short protocol, seems to be pretty quick and hopefully won't affect my mood too much! I've just bought the Zita West book haven't had time to open it yet!

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It's a great book. Great to just take your mind of googling what short protocols are but getting to read about it in one place.

Most importantly - enjoy this time the best you can xx

I did a short protocol in Cardiff for my egg collection for freezing in Oct. I started injecting Menopur every evening at 8pm, then introduced the cerotide at the same time, and had to do a trigger shot at 10pm a couple of days prior to the harvest- the process was pretty much as Strawb86 described. I had scans every few days to observe how I was responding to treatment.

I didn't take time off during the cycle (except for the day of the harvest and the following day due to the sedation), but I wasn't having them put back in! I didn't suffer any symptoms, although my stomach was a bit swollen- which may have been due to my lymphoedema- it was a smoother process than I expected, and very quick!

I'm having my scan on Friday to start my progesterone prior to reimplantation next week.... I'm hoping I will only need 2 days off again, as I'm doing the health visiting course and can't really take any time off sick!

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Hi amy_c thanks so much for replying this makes me feel a lot more at ease knowing you had yours in Cardiff too, I'm glad you've said it was a quicker process than expected, it's definitely going a lot quicker than I expected it too! Good luck with the reimplantation, and with the SCPHN course I did it 2 years ago to become a school nurse - although I'm now working with children with complex needs after working in a special needs school! It's incredibly full on! I can imagine there's no time for you to be able to go off sick!

They allow some sick leave (2 weeks)- but I used that in December having surgery! it's pretty full on but much easier physically than on the wards! I just hope that I can take it easy enough so as not to jeopardise my chances of this working!

it does all move very quickly- we were seen in clinic last Thursday and I started medications on the Saturday!

so glad that your ovaries were both looking good, the next few weeks will fly by!

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