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Blocked Tubes

Hi Everyone!

I have been reading all the blogs and everyone is so helpful and supportive so I thought I would have a go as I have some questions that I cant seem to get answered at the moment.

Me and my husband had been trying to conceive for 16 months, about 8 weeks ago I had a dye test and its shown that both my tubes are completely blocked with no chance of surgery to repair them.

When I have done some research into this a lot of people have had their tubes tied to lower the risk of ectopic pregnancy, is this something anyone on here has had? We are in the process of being referred for IVF but as usual with the NHS this is taking forever. We get one round funded so keeping everything crossed we may be one of the lucky ones that first time works...

Any advise or experiences of the same thing would be really appreciated?



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Hello. Sorry you are having such a rubbish time. I would fight to get them tied or poss even removed before you go for Ivf. Have googled it and it says that at least having them tied will help increase chances. Obvousily every case is different. But I would certainly speak you yur Doctor/consultant about this especially as you only get one chance on nhs. Hope this helps you a bit. X


Yes I read it would help our chances as well!! Thank you, yes I think I will try and speak to someone as soon as possible and get this moving. I don't want this to hold up our IVF treatment but I am guessing it would...

Thanks again! x


It will poss hold up your Ivf. But you will only kick yourself if you don't get a opinion and treatment. and then it does not work. Which may not be anything to do with your tubes. But do if you don't give it every chance possible to work it will be harder to come to terms with. I hope I'm making sense. X


Yes I agree! thanks for the advise much appreciated :-) I will put some pressure on now to get it moving and get something done so the IVF has the best chance possible. x


Hi Emma. Just thought that I would add that most consultants like to deal with blocked tubes these days, before embarking on IVF/ICSI. The reason is that there is a natural lubrication in your tubes, and this can build up and leak down into the womb where it is believed the excess fluid can prevent developing embryos from implanting. You need to have a chat with your consultant about this for his/her expert opinion. Diane

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Great thanks Diane, I will progress with getting that sorted as soon as possible then so it gives the IVF the best chance.

Thanks for your help.



Hi Emma,

I found out I had blocked tubes at the end of Jan 2014 after having a laparoscopy and a hyperoscopy, no dye would travel through my tubes, they couldn't operate on my tubes. I think because my tubes were completely blocked they didn't need to remove or tie my tubes.

We were put to the top of the IVF list straight after the op in Jan, we had our first attempt at IVF in May 2014 and it worked first time!! I'm 7 months pregnant and so so happy. Stay positive as I really had almost given up hope of having a child. I bought a book called The Secret and it really kept me positive when I was feeling low.

My best friend also has blocked tubes (ironically) she had her tubes removed as they were leaking a liquid that would cause an ectopic pregnancy, she had an operation in July and removed in September, she starts her IVF next week.

Believe in your consultants, everyone is different. Good luck xx


Thank you so so much for this post!! I really needed to hear this from someone!! I have been told that they are completely blocked with scar tissue, mine was the same they couldn't get any dye up either of them at all, so maybe there will be no need to remove them! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am praying that it will be first time lucky for us too! I will have a look now for that book, its really good to have a pick me up!

I actually feel excited about IVF, but with just one try I am just so nervous. Thank you again for your reply, its just so nice to hear success stories to keep us going!

Good Luck, I hope everything goes well for you :-)



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