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Blocked tubes due to scar tissue

Hello everyone!

I'm just wondering if there's anyone here who has undergone or are undergoing ivf with blocked tubes due to surgery?

I underwent major surgery when I was about 5 which has resulted in a lot of scar tissue and adhesions around my womb, ovaries and Fallopian tubes.

Around 3 years ago I underwent surgery again to remove a large cyst on my left ovary, this is when they discovered a lot of my problems (basically everything was tangled!)

We were told to try as soon as we felt ready which is about 3 years now.

We've been lucky enough to secure nhs funding and will be attending the patient info night in Liverpool soon.

Just a little worried as I've tried to ask what are the chances of it working due to complexities of everything but no one seems to have an answer.

Thank u xx

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Hi niag, I've been on this site now for a couple of months now & I've heard some people say they've had Icsi when they've had both tubes removed. I have 1 blocked tube & just found out today I have fluid in my tubes but I'm staying positive 😃. They can work magic nowadays so I'm sure you'll be fine lovely. Good luck x



I had blocked tubes like you, and managed to get pregnant 3 times but sadly all were lost 1 benign an eptopic so ended up loosing a tube. The other is scarred and blocked even though they say no point in removing it.

Failed attempt last year and now starting round 2 in a month.

Remember for some miracles happen and the human body amazes you even when you think it can't. Stay positive and good luck


Thanks lovely, good luck to u & your family x


You only need to have ICSI when there is an issue with the sperm. You can have normal IVF with no tubes (like me!)


Hi! I have blocked tubes like you! I had a laparoscopy about 4 years ago when they found adhesions everywhere, connecting some of my internal organs, then when we had been trying for over a year they did a dye test which confirmed the scaring was also in my fallopian tubes. I was told by my nurses and consultants that ivf was first created for these sorts of issues and that we would have a high rate of ivf working! I have gone through the whole process (now on the two week wait) and it was not as bad as I thought it would be at all! I think you would have a great chance of conceiving through IVF! Good luck xxx

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Hi, my story is similar.

When I had not conceived after 2 years, I had an HSG which showed tubal blockage. I then had a lap & dye operation to have a good look around, and they found extensive scar tissue due to endometriosis on my ovaries and blocking the ends of my tubes. Everything was a bit twisted up too.

I then had a big op to remove the endo and scarring, and repair the tubes. After this op we tried for another 6 months but unfortunately no luck. I then had IVF which failed but we had 6 resulting frosties!

During the IVF they noticed that a lot of fluid was building up again in my tubes, so I then had another operation to completely remove them. I had a frozen transfer shortly after and am now 23 weeks pregnant as a result.

So basically, I would expect that they will want to do some checks - mostly to see if your tubes are open or have fluid - before you start IVF. This is the usual process. If they are damaged beyond any kind of usefulness, they usually want to remove them prior to IVF as it can negatively impact the outcome. I know how hard it is to make the decision to have your tubes removed, and it really upset me at the time. However the end result was that the next IVF attempt worked, so it was worth going through the clean up.

I am sure they will give you some good info at the info night. My advice would be to push to find out what checks they will do on your tubes etc, as some clinics do seem to be very keen to just push on ahead with IVF even though in some cases it is better to do checks and a clean up first.

Good luck to you xx


I have a similar story and am looking for advice! I had ops when I was younger which resulted in adhesions and a further op to remove them! I started having pain when ovulating about a year and I finally had a lap yesterday. They confirmed that one of my tubes is completely damaged, however they couldn't remove it due to the amount of adhesions I have, also they couldn't test the other tube with dye because of the adhesions. I now have 2 options...1. Have another op to remove tube and test left tube (there is a risk I could end up Witt a colostomy due to previous bowel issues), 2. Have my tubes clipped and try IVF! Does anyone have any suggestions? Obviously I'm concerned that leaving the damaged tube will reduce IVF success!


No thanks


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