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Can you point me in the right direction/reassure me???

Morning folks!

Can anybody help please?

I'm considering going back to GP to get referral for tubal surgery (they're blocked).

I've had some changes in my cycle and bleeding has been different and prolonged for around six months (I have endo. Diagnosed 2010). So, I feel certain that I surely need to treat my hormonal problems before I get surgery and try to conceive. I've had my blood tested a few months back for thyroid function as my mum has to take thyroxine and it's often hereditary and I have all symptoms of thyroid disease :-( The doc told me bloods were normal which was surprising and a lil' disappointing as I was hoping I'd finally get an answer for hormonal and mood and all of those crappy things I've been experiencing.

I want to know where you can get blood tests done for things like TSH and FSH and all other hormones and also things like zinc and potassium and all that. I'm a bit wary about the nhs 'normal range' for things like thyroid function as only a slight fluctuation can wreak havoc on all other hormones!

I'm just hoping to get my body in tiptop condition before I start on this mission and don't have a lot of faith in GP and fertility clinic as in the past they've seemed rather lacsidaisical about testing for these things BEFORE treatment and I felt almost like they probably would test AFTER no pregnancy success after surgery or AFTER multiple miscarriages.

Sorry this is longwinded :-/

Thanks in advance if you can help...

I'm so absolutely sick and tired of thinking about this!

Hope your weekend is wonderful xx

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Hi Boogaloo..

I don't know if this helps or not but I will share my story.. Basically we had been ttc for 2 years 10 months when we were discharged from a nhs fertility clinic with 'unexplained infertility'..as I have a son from a previous relationship we did not get funding and got discharged with the option of ivf or trying.. I always felt there was something not right.. We know our bodies.. Anyhow to cut a long story short.. We went to look into egg sharing ivf.. It was there that I discovered that I had an imbalance in my thyroid function .. My tsh was 3.9.. All tho the clinic said my range was within normal (under 5 is fine) my clinic wanted my tsh to be lowered under 2.5 to give me a better chance of the embryo implanting.. As high tsh can affect implantation..also it can increase risk of miscarriage birth detects and should be monitored closely throughout pregnancy..needs to be under 2.5 first three months and under 3 the rest of pregnancy.. I'm glad I asked all about to my clinic it's def something I need to be aware of.. My clinic didn't waste anytime and gave me a prescription for thyroxine 50 mcg to take one every morning before I have breakfast.. And not to eat anything for a hour after it so my body can absorb it :) 3 weeks after I had been taking it my clinic had arranged a blood test to check my tsh levels again.. Happily it's gone down to 1.56 :) Been taking if now for over 2 months and I have to say I feel so much better.. My periods are manageable they used to be so heavy I couldn't leave the house for fear of flooding., with tampons and pads..one of my progesterone tests said I didn't ovulate however two said I did..despite that it was still labeled unexplained.. I just wish I'd had the money and gone private years ago.. It took us 3 years 1 month to finally know why we hadn't conceived and to get the help we needed..

I guess my point is if you feel something is wrong go with your gut feeling.. You know your own body better than any doctor does.. Trust your instincts.. Even if you have to go private..do it.. It baffles why the nhs are unable to discover why some couples are struggling to conceive.. It's a cop out to call it unexplained.. I guess it's lack if money and resources.. Good for some things def not infertility in my experience anyway..

From a practical view if the nhs are saying nothing's wrong and you feel there is.. Go private and have some blood tests run there..have you got any medical insurance? As some companies will pay for blood tests consultations.. Always worth asking..

Other than I don't know what to suggest.. Can find private clinics by typing in hfea and they will point you in the right direction..

Good luck with everything Hun I hope it all works out for you..




Thank you so much Jess. I'm crying as I read and type!

Your experience of 3years and a month is exactly what I don't want! I do not have the energy for that after thinking constantly about this crap/TTC for over six years!

I also have a child from a previous relationship and so have thought about egg sharing (My sister did the egg share scheme btw with success for her (twin boys), and for the couple receiving her eggs :-) )

I imagine you're feeling good right now, that you finally have answers, treatment that seems to work and a plan in place ;-) I really hope all goes well for you :-D

Thank you again. You've reassured me (I keep thinking I'm going crazy), and confirmed what I expected about the nhs. And also reminded me that that gut feeling is there for a reason and that I should listen to it.

I now will.

I'm off to google hfea!!

All the best

Katy xx


I'm glad I was able to reassure you.. It was a pretty horrific time for us..but we have moved on from it and are now looking forward to the future :) It's a huge relief to finally have an explanation :)

Thank you Katy we are in a good place now.. Last Monday we received an email from my clinic saying they're matching me up now..I can't wait :)

Congratulations to your sister.. Twin boys how lovely :) And the other lady falling too.. Wot a beautiful story.. Thanks for sharing it with me :) Stories like that give me great hope :)

Wishing you all the very best with everything..please do let me know how you get on Jess X


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