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Hello everyone! Also- tips for waiting?!


Hi everyone,

Here goes... I've never been one to post on forums (I'm a classic lurker haha), but this whole IVF process has made me give this a rethink- as sharing experiences definitely makes me feel less alone! A close friend has also recently lost her baby, and it made me think how quiet people are about fertility in general, and I just want to say how proud I am of everyone who posts in this group- we are all warriors in our own way, dealing with a thing that most people will never be able to understand.

I'm 30, been ttc for 5 years, married to a lovely man and it all kind of feels like the light at the end of the IVF/ICSI tunnel is fast approaching. After losing 5st to get to the right BMI, my clinic put me on the pill to sort scheduling etc, but then my uterus was disobedient and ovulated anyway, so we had to ovitrelle and then delay the planned extraction date by a month :-(.

So I just started my gonal-f yesterday, so excited! :-) (though no one told me about the headaches... ow!)

I'm trying not to be a serial googler, so hoping that you lovely people might be able to help me with a couple of things I'm struggling with-

- how do you stop yourself googling every tiny thing and sending yourself crazy in the times between scans/appointments?

- I lost a lot of weight to get the best chance of my IVF working, but with the hormones the last couple of weeks, I've been really feeling sluggish and can feel myself putting weight back on, are there any tips anyone has for keeping active that doesn't involve going outside/dragging my bottom to the gym/quick healthy meals that don't make you feel like a rabbit? :-)

Thank you so much! Even though I've just become a member, I've previously been reading public posts, so it's nice to feel a part of the community :-)


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Hi 👋🏻 Welcome to the forum.

Well done on your weight loss! That’s amazing. You’ll probably end up putting on weight during stims, I’m sorry to say after all your hard work, but it’s a common side effect of the drugs. All you can do is try to eat a balnanced diet, good home cooked meals with as many of the main nutrients in as you can. Allow yourself some treats. Don’t be too hard on yourself or too strict as you’ll make yourself miserable. As for the googling there are no tips. Inevitably you will google. We all do despite our best intentions. The only thing I can suggest is that you post any questions on here instead. Good luck xx

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Aww thanks for your kind words - it's just a relief to know that I'm not alone in the constant internet trawling. I wish DH was a better cook, so could outsource that part- unfortunately if we did that we'd probably both live on toast. Thanks again for your advice and good wishes xxx

Hi and welcome

Well done to you on your weight loss! I also had to lose weight before starting treatment.

As tugsgirl said, you will probably put on some weight with stims.

I don't really have any tips on waiting except to enjoy everything you can whilst going through the journey as there will be some tough days.

I'm normally quite a patient person but during my 2ww now I've driven myself mad.

I'd also second posting any questions on here as people are supportive and have been through so many different things.

Wishing you loads of luck. Xx

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omg genten - good luck with your 2ww! :-D, and well done on getting to that point- my BMI was over 40 when we started out, and getting it under 30 was a real struggle.

Literally I've been a member since this morning and I already feel so much less alone in all this- although you bump into people at your clinic, it never feels quite right to go talk to someone in case they are at a stressful part of their treatment, and you don't want to upset them, so having a network like this to come to is amazing :-) If you ever need anyone to moan at - feel free to message me <3

Hope everything goes well, and wishing you all the luck in the world x

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Bless you thanks very much.

It is a struggle, it consumes you! A bit like IVF!

That's amazing, we all need support no matter how tough we think we are. I've found it a life line even reading posts, that really helps.

That's true, everyone is tense at the clinic understandably.

Aww thank you I will and likewise.

Very kind, thank you and your too. 😊xx


Hi Ripleymocat. Just wanted to add my good wishes too, and of course well done for the weight loss - never easy, but you had the perfect goal to achieve it. As well as the sensible eating "Tugsgirl" has spoken about, could you sneak in a few swimming sessions at the gym/swimming pool? Might help. Good luck! Diane

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Great idea! I'd completely forgotten about the pool! To lose the 5st I needed to, I relied on weights, but tbh, that's the last thing I want to do right now haha :-) Thank you for the welcome and lovely wishes xxx


Well done on losing weight -it’s a really tough process. I found inspiration on instagram for recipe ideas - one of my current favourites is a homemade fajita bowl (basically stir fried chicken with lots of veg and a small portion of brown rice and lettuce and fresh tomato salsa and fresh guacamole!) and salmon Niçoise salad. I have to change it round every now and then. I did a lot of walking to keep myself active.

I found coming onto here so helpful- everytime I was tempted to google, I would look on here.

Good luck with your treatment.xx

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omg zoe- that sounds lush, and not too time consuming, I might make the fajita bowl tonight! Thank you xxxx

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I use the rice pouches to make sure I don’t go too big on the rice portion (I give more rice to my husband!). I would use cauliflower rice more if I had a food processor

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