hi, im a 26 year old girl from Scotland and me and my partner have recently been put onto the ivf waiting list after a couple of years of trying for a baby and having no success. we have had a letter to say we are entitled to 2 full cycles of treatment and any amount of embryo transfers. The doctor has sugguested because of my age and because there is no visible issues thats it is best to just do a single embryo transfer first of all? but you can choose to transfer 2 embryos ... does anyone thats went through this have any advice on this ? .... also any other advice is welcome ... i just feel a bit overwhelmed and confused at the minute with regards to all of this.

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  • Hi Danielle i am also 26 and we have decided to put 2 embryos in order to increase our chance and our doctor did not have problem with that in fact he encouraged us as we have 2 grade B embryos which is good but not excellent. I suppose it comes down to eggs quality and age factor but that was our choice and i hope it turns out something positive out of it. Best of luck for your treatment.

  • thank you ... i think i will talk to him again after reading up and getting advice there is so many questions ...g ood luck also xx

  • Hi Danielle, I've just started my IVF treatment as Glasgow Royal, is this were you have been referred?

  • Hi claire1983, My DP and I are having our IVF at the GRI as well, we should get seen next month and start in December. We are 29 and 35 years old. Did they tell you if you can decide whether to put 1 or 2 embryos back?

  • Hi Ines.. thats good that you start in December. I had my prostap inj last fri and due to go back on 27/10 for a scan before i start stimms. I asked the question about the embroys at my last visit and was told that it depends on the quality, I would prefer to have 2 transferred rather than 1 to give me a better chance, but will just need to wait and see.

    Good luck with your journey though and keep me posted xx

  • Hello , No im from dundee and am having treatment at the acu at ninewells hospital, what stage are you at with your referral? x

  • Hey Danielle, just had my prostap inj last fri so all going to plan, scan on 27/10 and then should start stimms 29/10 so all in all I think it takes around 6 weeks? x

  • Hello , No im from dundee and am having treatment at the acu at ninewells hospital, what stage are you at with your referral? x


  • Hi Danielle, I am 29 and my DP is 35 now we should get our letter for the first appointments this or next week for our first IVF. My partner and I would also like to get 2 embryos transferred. I have Endometriosis and blocked fallopian tubes. Are you having your IVF at the GRI?

  • Hello no i am from dundee ... i am going to be having the treatment at ninewells hospital ... i am 26 however my partner is 34 he already has 3 children to a previous marriage and tests with myself have shown no signs of anything wrong .... i think i would like 2 get 2 embryos transferred however my doctor said with woman under 30 they normal always advise 1 the first time round as there is less of a risk ? is this something u have been told also ?

  • hi I was the opposite, I opted for only one embryo to be transferred as the risk of miscarriage which are already high are doubled if 2 take so I didn't want to take the risk.. its up to you what you think is best though and I think most clinics will listen to your view points

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