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Are any Risks with multiple embryo transfer? Anyone help pls


So I'm having failed ivf this month, just a doubt popped in that if we go for multiple embryo and what are the outcomes? I mean if one embryo implants what happens to other? Are there any risks involved in 2 embryo transfer? Can we do 2 embryo transfer with FET? PLS SHARE ANY EXPERIENCES!!! 😄

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I had two embryos transferred as they were low grading and I wanted to have an increased chance. Unfortunately neither stuck so it was a negative but they said it was my choice and happily did it xx

Hi 👋🏻 yes there is a risk of multiple births. While that may sound nice in theory a multiple pregnancy is riskier for both mummy and babies. There’s also a risk, however low, that each embryo could potentially split again. If your embryos are good quality I’d tend to stick with just the one at transfer xx

The more embryos you have put in the more chance of getting pregnant. I had treatment in north Cyprus where limits are different. This is what I had...

1st go 4 embryos put in! Had a chemical

2nd go 3 embryos put in but bfn

3rd go 3 embryos put in and just 1 took and I have my son :)

But 10 embryos and only 1 turned into a baby. I had DE different donor each time. If we went for a sibling we would do the same x


The more embryos does not mean more chance of pregnancy. UK clinics now have the one at a time policy. They should follow. Singleton embryo tend to do better than multiple embryos. There is also more risks to you and the babies. Multiple embryos are more likely to born premature and have other complications.

We had 2 eggs transferred, one 3b and one 4b, one took and the other didn’t. We had a baby boy just 2 days off our due date. The clinic did try to put me off transferring 2 eggs and in hindsight I think I would have personally struggled to carry twins (I’m very small in stature - which they said would make it more difficult than a taller lady). I was enormous with just 1 baby but that’s just me personally not a general view as we did originally go for 2 and they both could have taken x🌺x

We had 2 transferred, only one took though. X

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Hi what will happen to other which didn't stick?

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I had a bleed so I think I passed it x

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Oh OK... Was thinking to have 2 this time is the bleed heavy?

Hi, I had 2 embryos put back during my FET - I had twins! Twin pregnancies are classed as high risk so you are monitored much more closely by the antenatal team. We had ours at 32 weeks (spontaneous early labour) and it's been quite a journey since then but they are now 9 weeks old and thriving. I wouldnt change things for the world but make sure you are prepared for multiple births if you put more than 1 back. Wishing you lots of luck.

Hi,I had 2 embryos put back as the quality wasn’t that great,they both took but sadly one baby passed away at 14 weeks n the other made it. He’s 8 months now. The other baby stAyed in until I had my son they took him out as well. We were given after 3 weeks to bury it. But I’m glad I put 2 because said if one didn’t work the other might stick n it did :).

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