Officially accepted for egg sharing ivf

Hi to you lovely ladies..

Just an update.. Had it confirmed by my clinic that all my screening blood tests and dr has replied to my clinic about my suitability.. And I've been accepted onto the program. .I'm mega excited.. Been ttc for over 3 years .. The only snag is my tsh levels were slightly raised..they were 3.9 and my clinic want my tsh to be 2.5 or under..otherwise it can affect embryo implantation..I've been taking thyroxine for just over one week and a half..Had to arrange a tsh blood test for 17th October..where is been taking meds for 3 weeks..then hubby has screening bloods done and it's all systems go..!!!! Yippee never thought I'd be excited about ivf..

Good luck to everyone ttc.. Whatever stage you are with treatment.. :D

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  • Goodluck jess1981, it has been a long wait for you. Keep us posted on how you get along

  • Thank you Shirley..everything about this process seems to take forever..!at least by taking the meds I'm giving myself better odds of ivf working..

    Anyhow how are you? I hope you've had some good news.. Can Pm if you like..


  • That's brilliant news, so pleased for u xx

  • Thank you..all this fertilty seems to take so long..feel like we are getting somewhere at long! Be worth it I hope :)

    How's everything going your end..? Good I hope..


  • Hopefully all runs smooth for you now, yeah am good thanks prostrap jab this fri then scan 27th xx

  • Good luck with the prostrap jab this Friday.. And your scan this month ..Hope it all goes well :) keep me updated with how you get on.. I'm sure it'll all be fine :) The things us women have to do.. ;) All be worth it :)

    Thank you hunni will def keep you posted..


  • Great news Jess :-) xx

  • Thank you weemex.. It's taken a while..but feels like we've made big progress.. :)

    How's the pregnancy going.. ? X

  • Hi Jess i have still been experiencing stomach pains and feeling nauseous , i was supposed to get my private scan today but hospital phoned to say the doctor has cancelled late appointments! So angry you would think paying private that wouldnt happen :-( so saturday it is , really hope i see a hearbeat.

    really happy for you you deserve it sweetie ;-) xx

  • Aww sweetie that's awful.. I bet you both were really looking forward to that.. That's not on.. I bet you are mad.. If it was you canceling less than 24 hours in advance they'd charge you a cancelation fee.. I reckon it should work both ways.. ;)

    Thank you's taken a while but we are getting somewhere now :)

    Good luck for your scan Saturday.. I'm sure everything will be fine. :)


  • Hi Jess that's great news, will definitely be all systems go for you soon. Take care and best of luck xxx

  • Thank you Masie.. It's great to finally feel like we are getting there :)

    Wishing you all the very best with your pregnancy :)


  • Hi jess1981 I'm happy for you, I know it's been a long journey but in the end I know that you gonna make it... hope that everything goes smoothly for you and your partner best of luck

  • Thanks hunni.. These things take time..then again anything worth having is worth fighting for .. And waiting for :) Felt on cloud 9 when we received the news. :)

    How's everything with you..?


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