Waiting to be matched up for egg sharing :)

Hi ladies/gents

Just a quick update I wanted to share... After a long 3 months since our egg sharing 1st consulation..due to discovering issues with me...small left ovary..low amh kevels but good follicle count..and having my under active thyroid treated by taking thyroxine..then our doctors forgetting to test for hepatitis b antigen( did all the other ones !) result received today and sent to my clinic.. I am now officially waiting to be matched up with an recepicent.. Very excited :) Didn't think that we'd ever get to this point.. Such a tough few months..but hey oh were here.. :) this site has been a great source of support through a difficult times..

Good luck to everyone ttc .. :)


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  • good luck, keep us posted.. how long do they think?

  • Hi nellynel..

    I'm not sure really.. But it's a step in the right direction :) I will def keep you posted :)

    How's the pregnancy going ? All good I hope :)


  • i didnt feel any different for the first 12 weeks I was lucky but starting to get more stomach discomfort now which I believe is things growing but its really hard not to worry when you don't know any different.. thanks for asking

  • Aww Hun..

    I think it's totally normal worry..I'm sure I'll be the same.. I expect women do feel stomach pain..bound to when baby's growing :) I'm sure your baby is fine :) I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well.. Love to hear how it goes :) very exciting I can't wait to fall pregnant ..


  • That's fantastic jess1981. So pleased you are finally getting somewhere with this. I hope they find someone soon for you. Please let us know as soon as you do. :) lots of love. Xx

  • Thank you piglet12..

    I will def let you know.. So excited never thought I'd say that about ivf lol.. :)

    I'm so glad that your pregnancy is progressing well :) Brilliant news that the Hcg is rising.. You must feel so relieved :) X

  • I did not think I would ever say it either. But it is exciting. :) thank you. It is fab news. I'm so so relieved. Now can finally relax. Xx

  • Hii .. glad to hear that jess1981.. small steps look so big to us .. excited .. :))

  • Thank you miroslava..

    It's little steps that get us closer to achieve our baby dreams :)

    How's everything going your end?


  • Aw wow so glad to hear this. Hope things go smoothly and quickly for you now xx

  • Thank you xlozalaffsx..

    Yeah me too ;) will keep you posted :)

    How is everything going your end?


  • Jess1981, Fantastic news, i bet you both are so pleased, i do hope they find someone soon for you and don't have to wait long. Wish you all the best and luck with it and hope it all works out for you. Xx

  • Thank you inhopeforababy.. I'll keep you updated with my progress :) we are over the moon with excitement :)

    How is everything going with you?


  • Brill news lovely! Hope they match you quickly. Wonderful thing yr doing too. Without donors ladies like me wouldn't be able to be parents so it really is a kind, giving thing to do. I know it helps you get yr treatment a bit cheaper but it's still a huge decision to make. So I think yr brill for doing it! Take care. Good luck! Xx

  • Thank you hope23.. Such lovely kind words..

    I like to think it helps both parties out..there's no way I could afford private ivf..I think it's amazing that I maybe able to help another woman become a mother.. I really hope that it is successful for both of us :) 2 woman get their long awaited babies :) I've no doubt the other woman will be a great mum..Anyone who is happy to use a donor egg in order to be a mother is very commited to becoming a mum and I beleive will be an wonderful mother.. I really admire the braveness and determination to make that difficult decision..

    Will keep you posted with my progress :)

    How is everything going with you ? I hope you're ok xxxx

  • Yr right it is a huge decision to use a donor. It did take a lot of soul searching for me to get my head around it initially. But it's not just about genes is it. The child will grow inside me and have my blood and oxygen. And he/she will be like me because I will be it's mum! It is sooo expensive, yr right, crazy money really. My parents helped out with our first go, and they are not loaded by any means. So I felt awful when it didn't work. But they didn't want me stressing about the money. They knew there was a chance it may not work. Just hope the second attempt works as it will almost definitely be our last go as it's too much money. I still think about the miscarriage every day. And analyse everything but just got to try and look forward now not back. Xx

  • Aww I bet that you do..I can't even begin to imagine how hard that must've been for you

    .. I think you're a really brave lady to do it again.. I really hope that it works and you have your beautiful baby..yes you will be that child's mother.. You will carry the baby..give birth..raise the child makes you the mother :) I've had people ask me would I not feel an attachment to my egg if ivf was successful? I can honestly hands on heart day no.. I wouldn't feel like the mum..the one having the baby is the mum.. I'm so grateful to egg sharing coz if it didn't exist we would've been forced to give up our baby dreams..in the hope one month if may have happened..doubt it coz the nhs never discovered my under active thyroid which is now getting treated by taking thyroxine..

    When are you having another go at ivf? Yes it is very expensive.. Sadly.. Do you have to go through the whole thing again..matching up etc? X

  • No, luckily out of the 9 eggs from my donor (they were frozen) they managed to save 3 really good 5 day embryos to freeze. So still from my same donor. The clinic in Barcelona have so many donors all of different nationalities/ethnicities as it's a cosmopolitan city with lots of UK residents working there. They get paid in Europe still and the rules are different it's completely anonymous so more people donate. My fertility specialist said the numbers decreased rapidly when the rules changed and now the child when it's 18 can contact the HFEA to trace the donor egg or sperm donor! He suggested egg sharing to me, me being the recipient obviously. But he said I may have to wait a while and even longer if I wanted a good physical match. The Barcelona clinic said they can easily do good physical matches because they have thousands of donors. Whilst I know the child won't look exactly like me it would be nice if it had some resemblance, hair, eyes,heights build etc. They even match facial features at my clinic too. It's all such a turmoil experience for us all. Hard for our partners to see us so upset, stressed in pain etc too.

    They want me to have two normal periods bye reckon all being well I can go over for another transfer end of January. I only have to be down regulated with the injection, then a few weeks of oestrogen patches,and then progesterone pessaries a few days before transfer and then up to the 12 week mark. So I don't have to do the awful daily tummy injections like you ladies have to. We shall see.

    Thanks for yr message xx

  • That's good news that you've got frozen embroyos at the ready..

    I don't blame you wanting the child to have characteristics silmar to you., my clinic took down my physical details height eye colour etc.. It's sad that the law has changed.. Part of me feels it should be anonymous.. That's wot has caused the shortage of egg donors.. I expect it would put women off who wanted to do a kind act for another woman.. Makes wot is already a hard time harder..with all the waiting..

    January is not too long to wait.. I think it's best to get Xmas over and done with and re start in the new year.. I wouldn't be going through ivf treatment then.. Plus I think most clinics shut down over Xmas so something went wrong be awful..

    Yeah it is hard for the men too.. Mines pretty good at being postive and keeping me on the right path.. Sometimes I tend to forget it upsets him too.. I was blown away yesterday he looked so over the moon when he read the email stating I would hear from a nurse once I'm matched up.. He was like it's really happening.! When you see it all in writing it feels so official :)

    Keep posted with all your progress hopefully 2015 will be our year hunni :) X

  • Ah bless him he sounds lovely. And yes we do have to realise it affects them too. Yes here's hoping 2015 will be a great one! Xx

  • I'm so thrilled for you Jess - you totally deserve this. I hope you get a match soon - I don't know how it works, but if there is a couple out there looking for eggs from a strong, determined lady, then they'll be in luck with you!

  • Thank you Seekingpeace :)

    It's a step in the right direction and it's so lovely to be able to be moving onto the next stage :)

    How's everything going with you? Good I hope

    Will def keep you updated with our progess..


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