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Thyroid levels for ivf?


Hi ladies,

Just wondering if anyone knows what the normal range is for thyroid levels for ivf? . The nhs tested my thyroid level before I started my first round of ICIS last year. They said it was normal.

Fast forward to my current situation. I’ve had 4 transfers in total of 4 good grade blastocysts, all from the same batch.

One fresh last year and 3 frozen this year. From that 4 I’ve had a mmc, a chemical and 2 have failed to implant. The Nhs said I still have a good chance with the embryos I have left. Although it’s hard to believe I have considering what I’ve been through so far.

How many of you have had success & failure from the same batch of embryos?

I recently went to a private clinic to see what they thought about doing another fresh round now and leaving my Frosties put for the mean while. The private clinic said firstly that it is so unlucky that so far i have not managed to have a baby from the 4 transfers. As my eggs were collected at 35 years old usually half of them are like to be abnormal and so most likely reason for implantation failure is embryo quality. However the private clinic recommended I have a few blood tests for thyroid, sticky blood and lupus and some auto immune thing. When I said my thyroid level was normal at 3 the private clinic said they like the thyroid to be optimal at 2.5.

Just curious has anyone had a thyroid level at 3 and had implantation issues and then lowered it to 2.5 and had success?

My husband thinks they are clutching at straws and if this really mattered then the Nhs would sort it and would say my result was not normal at 3. I had my thyroid rechecked this summer along with the sticky blood and vitamin d and the Nhs said they’ve all come back normal. Although they haven’t said what the thyroid level is. Just trying to work out of its worth adjusting anything before I go for another transfer, next year now?

Thank in advance xxx

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The recommended level for thyroid is around 2 for conception. My clinic preferred mine to be under 2. I was sitting at 4.96 and I would have been classed as normal. It was only because my clinic wrote to my GP and asked for me to be put on 50mcg of levothyroxine which he agreed to do as he knew for conception it was meant to be lower. It didnt sort things for me but I think it's best to have everything right for optimal results.xx

Thank you Cinderella! How are you getting on? So I’m wondering why the Nhs fertility hospital have not altered this?! Do you think I’m best off going to my gp and asking them to test me again and if it is still 3 to get put on levothyroxine? Xx

I would definitely see if someone will help lower it. NICE guidelines state that for conception it should be lower - - it should be in the lower range of ref (0.4 - 2.5 mU/L) so try spouting that at your clinic. If your clinic wont help then off to the GP. Good luck, it can be quite challenging to get someone to help this but keep pushing! I'm well thanks, just gearing up for transfer.xx

Thank you. I’m booked into see the Nhs consultant next month to discuss results so I’ll go armed with this and be pushy!! Xx

The problem is that most GPs aren't thyroid specialists and even then many thyroid specialists (in my experience) have little understanding about optimum levels for fertility and pregnancy. You need your TSH levels under 2! Best of luck lovely, try and get yourself referred to a reproductive endocrinologist if you can x

Thank you kitcat12 I’ll see what happens when I see what the nhs consultant next month and push for level to be lower xx

Not an expert but read Tsh levels under 2 is optimum for conception. All the best

Skippy1982 in reply to Purplis

Thanks x

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