On the long 2 week wait at last!

Had one grade A blastocyst transferred today, there's 3 other grade A that will be frozen, there are 4 more which are being left to tomorrow as they're not quite there but will see tomorrow if any are good enough to be frozen. My clinic are only freezing top quality embryo's now even the others are grade A too but some part of it is not 100% as good as the others will hopefully come on and get those frozen too. They don't want to freeze anything unless perfect so you don't get false hope and they don't make the thaw process. Well I'm just going on bed rest for 2 weeks and taking it ultra easy so hopefully I get a positive and a continuing healthy pregnancy witch results in a baby. Can't help but feel anxious already though as this is my 3rd fresh transfer and also had 8 frozen too with still no baby so trying to be as positive as can be! :) Babs

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  • Hi I wish you all the best! I had 7 frozen on my first cycle, they are still frozen until after I have my fallopian tube removed and had a hysteroscopy then I will be trying the frozen embryos. Keep positive! Did you have any tests done after your first 2 cycles? x

  • Hi, I meant to reply to your message but added a comment below by mistake x

  • That's great you've got 7 frozen, good luck with your operation 2! Iv'e had genetic testing which come back normal, all the clotting tests normal (thrombophilia screen, lupus anti-coagulant) and anti-cardiolipin antibodies are also normal. I had a hysteroscopy which was normal everything looked perfect inside, my lining was also scraped away at the time which is meant to slightly increase the chance of positive outcome. There are no more tests which can be done so I seem to be a mystery! Think it would be easier to deal with if there was an explanation. I don't have any fallopian tubes so ivf is my only hope and this is my last cycle so fingers crossed it works. I have been put on aspirin the day after egg collection and iv'e to take fragmin injections if I get a positive test not that I suffer a blood clotting disorder but I'm willing to try anything. Out of the previous 10 transfers I have had 5 positive tests 1 was twins 2 chemical pregnancy's a 3 negatives. The furthest iv'e got was 7 weeks then I keep miscarrying so the problem is not getting me pregnant but keeping it in there x

  • Wow you have a full check up then, that's exactly my intentions now as I am not moving on without any tests done at the min, Ive got a left hydrosalpinx and I am actually blaming that at the moment because my first IVF failed and it was a really good quality Blastocyst so I thought to my self its that tube ive got, its got to come out!. How long ago did you have both your tubes removed? was it before the ivf? I am having a hysteroscopy because I was diagnosed with a bulky uterus in 2004 and im unsure if I may have a fibroid so ive asked them to check me out.I wont have to worry about blood clotting as I am put on heprin anyways during IVF cause I have a past history of blood clot I suffered so I have to have heprin to keep my blood from clotting, I have not had the scrape as they don't do that where I live yet unfortunately, I wish they did though. x

  • Your doing the right thing getting as much tests and everything checked before you continue with your frozen cycle as you want to give it the best possible chance of success. I had an ectopic pregnancy in my right tube which was removed in 2007 the left tube was badly damaged and at the back of the womb he put it back in the correct place to try to give me the chance to conceive naturally but it never happened, it was removed in 2008. I started my first ivf cycle on april 2009 and the journey continues! The scrape part is horrible I was in agony very painful your fully awake no drugs at all! the camera part was fine though. I used up my last 2 frozen blastocyst from cycle 2 few months after my hysteroscopy which resulted in a positive but did not continue so I personally feel that the scrape didn't help me. What is a bulky uterus? I'm not sure what that is. x

  • Hi babyy123 your experience with the tubes is very similar to my story, I had a Eptopic in to 2004 and they left my left one in anf don't know why as it was seen as a hydrosalpinx that's why I requested to have it removed now. A bulky uterus was reported when I had my eptopic pregnancy, it didn't say and thing else just a bulky uterus, I don't think its anything to worry about but I have read on the internet fibroids can cause a bulky uterus and if this is the case then I would want any fibroids removed if I do have any, that's why I requested the hysteroscopy. Does the hysteroscopy hurt as ive never had one of them. Im glad im getting the tube out, I just hope it solves my problem. was your remaining tube a hydrosalpinx or just damaged? x

  • Hi, I found the hysteroscopy fine no pain that's the camera part, but when he scraped away my lining I found the pain unbearable! the colour drained from my face I think the nurses thought I was going to pass out! everyone handles pain differently maybe I'm just a wimp hehe. I'm sure you'll be fine. My left tube was just badly damaged I believe it was due to an infection from when I terminated a pregnancy age 24, at my 20 week scan i found out that my baby had a defect called anencephaly which is the absence of a major portion of the brain skull and scalp that occurs during embryonic development. The baby would have died inside me or lived a few hours at the most so i had no choice sadly. When in hospital it was less than 30 minutes after giving birth i was practically flung out still out of it on drugs and being sick all over the corridors. I never felt right after that but the doctors kept sending me away and would not listen! So i kept trying to get pregnant and was eventually told to go back after a year of trying which i did and i got sent away and told to keep trying. I believe there was still parts of the pregnany in me and that is what damaged my both tubes due to infection which antibiotics would have sorted. It wasn't until approx a year and a half later they decided to investigate which I'd had the blood test done and i got no further as by then it was too late as i had an ectopic in my right tube. Which then confirmed the reason as to why i wasn't getting pregnant as i had a laparoscopy to remove the right tube which was an ectopic and found out the damage to the left tube at the time. So really hoping i get a bfp when i do my test! As this is my last cycle least they're freezing some too. It's been a long painful journey for me so hoping it ends soon with my longed for baby. Hopefully it works for you 2 on your next frozen :) This ivf journey is definitely like a rollercoaster more downs than ups i think! x

  • Best of luck to you!! I have been told not to go for full bed rest but to make sure I get out each day for a short easy walk and get sunlight & fresh air. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.. and for myself in 2 weeks from now when I get my EC/ET x

  • I would agree with maccerpops. Get up and move about - apparently keeping blood flow to your uterus is important for implantation. Don't over do it but personally I found trying to get on with my normal day the best way not to dwell on things and the time went quicker. No harm in trying some other things I was told. Eat fresh pineapple, Brazil nuts and a small glass of grape juice - all supposed to help implantation. Good luck!

  • goodluck babsy123, i knw this 2 week wait, will seem ages.. but keep calm and positive. keep us posted.

  • Definitely not bed rest babsy. I was off work for my 2ww but still did my normal things at home and walked the dog everyday. I didnt really rest straight after et either. I got my bfp and am now 6weeks preg. Carry on as normal with a little precaution. Good luck x

  • Thank you for all your kind messages and advice think I'm being over precocious but I'm a nervous wreck to be honest! Soo want it to work this time I'm just a worrier :) x

  • Wow, you seemed like you have really gone through it... Fingers arms legs crossed for you and I hope the next two weeks will not seem like 5 years, and it wil be good news for you!

    Im a newbie to IVF, just going through my 1st try. Im just a "unexplained fertility" paitent and not experienced half of what the women are going through on here. Keep us posted... take care of yourself x x x

  • aww thank you! this site really helps as we all know how each other feels and what we're all going through. I don't know anyone who's had fertility problems everyone seems to have child after child no problems most not even trying! I feel alone and a failure sometimes, and this site is really helping as you know your not alone. There are so many nice people on here with kind words and support it really does help. How is your treatment going? what stage are you at? wishing you all the luck x

  • I was so pleased also when I found this site, everyone is so lovely and helpful, I have started taking microgynon30 for 3 weeks, then Im booked in for a 3d saline infusion sonogram and nurse appointment to get my needles to start injecting myself (Gulp) for 2 weeks. My AMH was 29.9 so they have to be careful the amount of drugs they give me as they dont want to stimulate my eggs too much.

    Please keep us posted. x x

  • I am on the same kinda thing but not have a saline infusion as far as I am aware! I've not had the result of my AMH yet.. so you're not taking the dampening down injections either? x

  • I had to have my AMH before anything else to make sure my egg reserve was ok. The saline infusion is to have another look inside to make sure all is ok.. I had similar through the NHS that showed a small fibroid but this hospital wants to do another just incase any changes. I got the chart I'm front of me and there is no sign of the dampening down injections it states 3 weeks on pill then 10-14 days on (struggling to read doctors writing) Ppelle it looks like, scan at day 10 then FSH for 2-3 days then egg retrieval hopefully.. My date to start injections is 18th March, I will probably know at lot more then.. I think it depends on the patient. X x x

  • I've been told I'll start the GonalF around the same date and then at some point I'll be given some of the dampening down drugs too to make I don't ovulate. I'm sure it all does depend on the person but good luck we could very well be very close in dates on everything :) x

  • Keep us posted then! It will be good to know someone is at the same stage and while we are waiting we can bore eachother to pass time away! I will know more when I have my 2 appointments on 18th, I will be pleased when this scan is done as I have a thought in the back of my head, what if they find something that the NHS didnt, then it could delay things? x

  • I think I actually having the same scan they just call it something different Erm baseline scan I think! I've not got a date booked for it yet but it should also be around the same time as I have that before starting the GonalF. I've also been worrying about it incase they find something wrong. But at the moment biggest dilemma is after the transfer do I go back to work or take the time off! Not sure if you do work but be interested to hear what you would do. X

  • Hmmm I wish I could take a few weeks off after transfer, I run my husbands business and it wont be possible for me to take time off. Im a little worried but I keep saying to myself im not going to get stressed during them 2 weeks and make sure I take a walk at lunchtime to get some fresh air and sunlight. There is no proven fact that it will work if you just take it easy at home so I think its probaly better to keep your mind occupied anyway? Is your job physical? x

  • I work in a shop so on my feet 7.5 hrs a day. I think if I had a desk job I'd probably carry on working. Luckily my job isn't stressful though. It's so hard to know what to do!!

  • I hope it all works out for you babsy you're sounding really strong for all you've been through it's a real inspiration x

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