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The dreaded 2 week wait!

Hi. Only joined last week and never "blogged" before so bare with me. Been reading some other blogs and I too am disgusted they way us "infertiles" are treated. Anyway, I just wanted to share my irrational thoughts and behaviour during this, my second, 2 week wait. Hubby and I had our first ICSI attempt a few months ago - BFN. This time around I am doing things differently and I am interested to hear if other women are being as irrational as me!! So, I have taken 2 weeks off work and I intend on staying in bed a lot, coming downstairs for meals and a cuppa! I am still using unscented shower gel and deodorant and not wearing perfume. I left caffeine behind a few months ago. I am scared to cough, sneeze, laugh and use the loo, and I won't stand for too long - I don't even want to turn over in bed! I got some new nail polish last week - but even decided against THAT as well! DH has also given our 2 embies a stern talking to! I know all this is unnecessary but my DH understands why I need to do it. I am so desperate for it to work I will try anything. This time around, I also have some abdominal pain - but my egg collection was done by the hospital butcher so maybe it's just that I'm still recovering. I don't test until the 29th June so I'm trying to stay positive and calm. If anyone else is going through this or just starting out, feel free to share thoughts and tips - or just vent some anger and frustration. Thanks for listening

PS Thanks for all the positive comments. Babydust to us all.

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You aren't irrational, lots feel the same way and I jus wanted to wish you all the best and fingers crossed for 29th June


thanks Susan.


we're right there with you ... testing on the 28th... good luck from two fellow 2ww'ers


Good luck, I keep my fingers crossed! And I perfectly understand your fears though our first IVF attempt still ahead of us, in July. Spend this time at home doing things you like - read positive books, watch movies [with happy endings only], write if you like... I wish you all the best!!


Hi katiejane

Unfortunately, the 2WW is just a nightmare time! I call it “knicker watching fortnight”! As a general rule implantation of your embryos occurs at around 5 days after transfer, if embryos are transferred at around 4-8 cell stage. So sometimes day 4 or even day 6 depending on their sizes. Blastocyst transfers implant usually on the day of transfer, as they are ready to “pop out” of their shells.

You’ve got the right idea about “strong smells”. I don’t know about embryos, but sperm certainly react to smoke and strong smells. You’re fortunate that you can have the time off to chill out, especially in view of the fact that the “hospital butcher” has had his/her hands on you! All that prodding about does need a little time to recover from. Remember to drink plenty too.

I hope that all works out well for you both, but remember to leave your test date until the proper time and try not to be tempted to test earlier. Also, you have had two embryos transferred, which would be great if they both continue to thrive. However, if you should have a little bleed during the wait, it could be just old blood coming away after the procedures you have been through. Just carry on using your progesterone (assuming you have been prescribed this). If you have a look at our website infertilitynetworkuk.com you will be able to see how we can support you further at this time. Meanwhile, I shall keep everything crossed for you both - and all those "waiting".



Fingers crosses for u x


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