2 follicles on day 8

Went for my scan yesterday on day 8 and I was disappointed that only 2 follicles were growing, one at 12mm and other 13mm, I had been hoping for at least six (I'm 42, so don't have many!), it's a great private clinic and the doctor assured me that natural has its way of developing only the good follicles. I did feel a bit down as this is our first attempt and it's pretty pricey too but I'll continue to remain positive as I have done since I started my meds. I've got another scan tomorrow and I'm hoping that there might be a third, I know it only takes one good egg but at my age I really hope I get 3 at least, we are doing ICSI and I know that this does not guarantee fertilisation so I'm hoping for a miracle myself. Anyone else a similar age with any uplifting stories for me? Thanks ladies and I'm wishing everyone loads of baby dust luck!

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  • Hi Julybabe

    I can't give you any personal positive stories relating to me, but I have certainly heard of many ladies who started with 2/3 eggs which fertilised and went on to become longed-for babies. Your mantra is spot on, it absolutely only takes one! A baby girl I'm due to meet next week was one of only 2 eggs her Mum produced in her last cycle so its definetely more than possible!

    I had the opposite problem to you, I was very good at responding to the stimulation drugs and in 2 cycles, produced 35 eggs!! Despite the fabulous start, and most of my eggs being mature and fertilising, I didn't get to embryo transfer in either as all of my embryos were chromosomally abnormal, some with a problem we already knew we had (hence the need for them to be tested) and others with lots of other issues. Since this time, I've learnt that part of the problem may have been that I was overstimulated, therefore affecting the quality of the eggs, and that the other problem was probably my eggs ageing prematurely. I guess I'm sharing this with you because quality is always more important than quantity when it comes to any kind of IVF, its taken me 5 cycles to learn this and now I'm finally pregnant having used donor eggs! The clinic sound like they are pros in what they are doing and all you can do is trust them and cross your fingers, the rest is out of our control as I'm sure you've had to learn already!

    Good luck, keep us posted


  • Thank you for your kind words and stories. I very eager for my scan tomorrow, this is the first time I've felt a swollen inside so hopefully they are progressing nicely! Congratulations on your pregnancy, it must be a lovely feeling, one which I hope I can experience too. I will update after my scan tomorrow!

  • Hi Julybaby

    I am 38 & on my second cycle. This time we are getting icsi like you. I have been on the highest dose of gonal f for both cycles. For first scan on first cycle at day 10 we had one follicle that was a 10/11. The did finally grow and after 21 days of injections I had 3 eggs retrieved. Unfortunately they didn't fertilise.

    This cycle seems slightly better. At first scan we had an 11 & a 13 on day 10. These hav increased to a 12 & a 15. We also back tomorrow for another scan.

    Keep positive & remember it may just take a bit longer to get the sizes you need.

    After my first scan of last cycle I was devastated that I hadn't responded well but I did get there in the end. I will keep fingers crossed for you tomorrow.


  • So at my scan today on day 10, looks like I still just have the 2 follicles now both measuring 16mm. I'll be stimming for a couple more days with another scan on Friday and egg retrieval on Monday. I just really hope that both follies have an egg inside them.

    Good luck tigger75 with your scans too, let me know how that goes. Fingers crossed for us all x

  • Hi Julybaby

    We now have a 19 & a 15. Egg retrieval planned for Tuesday. Will keep fingers crossed for you too. X

  • Hi tigger75, good luck for Tuesday with your 2 follies - my scan today showed both at 21mm so egg retrieval on Monday. Exciting and anxious for next week. Let's enjoy the weekend x

  • Hi Julybaby

    Good luck tomo. Hope you get lots of eggs.

    I took my booster today so no more injections or nasal spray for me. Roll on tue to see how we get on. X

  • Hi tigger75, I had my retrieval today and they got my 2 eggs which I was happy about. We are doing ICSI so I will hear tomorrow how well they have done. That sedation drugs really do the trick, my mum said that I was chatting away even though she couldn't really understand what I was saying and said she thought I was so funny. I do not remember a thing until I woke up later in the recovery room. I still feel a little woozy 8 hours later. Anyways good luck to you tomorrow x

  • Hi Julybaby

    That brilliant news. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

    I am bit worried I won't get my retrieval tomo. I have been runnin to the toilet all day. Hardly eaten anythin & just bn drinking warm water. Called the hospital who said still to go but to tell them. I am scared that I will lose this cycle and not be given another chance. X

  • O dear poor you, stay positive, you've come this far... I will be thinking of you.

    I'll be anxious to hear how my 2 eggs are tomorrow. Take care x

  • Hi Julybaby

    How did you get on with your two little eggs?

    Unfortunately as much as they did the egg retrieval, they didn't manage to get any. They also told me my blood levels hadn't risen as much as before.


  • Hi tigger75, I'm really sorry to hear that, how are you feeling?

    I had a call today to say that one egg fertilised and looks good so tomorrow they will be bake to grade it and hopefully my egg transfer will go ahead at midday tomorrow.

    What is the next steps for you now, another try in a few months? So sad x

  • That is great news bout your little embryo, will keep fingers crossed for it & you tomo.

    That was our second of two cycles so the end of the line as far as ivf goes I think. We may go speak to docs in few weeks to see where we can go from here but I think it will be the end of the road for us.

    I wish you all the luck in the world. X

  • My one little embryo which is doing well was transferred today, I'm just resting now but I will go about everyday life as normal, I don't do anything strenuous so I will carry on as normal. Thank you for your kind words trigger75 and I wish you all the luck too xx

  • Aww good luck hun x

  • Hi Julybaby

    I am really pleased everythin going according to plan. Try and not stress too much over next two weeks it will come round soon enough. I will check on you then & you can let me know how you are doing.

    I am doing ok. Was back at work today so been kept busy all day. We've booked ourself a long weekend away at end of month, lookin forward to it. X

  • Good luck Julybabe. All the best x

  • Good luck julybabe ! It only takes one :-) xxxx

  • Thank you all for your kind words. I'm keeping myself busy! Enjoy your long weekend break tigger75, you sure do deserve it. I will let you know how I'm doing in a couple of weeks xx

  • Hi all, I'm now at 11dpt 2dt so 3 more days to go! I have tried my best to get on with life. Walking my dog as normal, however, I thought I might have overdone it Monday as I was out for 4 hours slowly walking but I experienced dizziness, tiredness & quite nauseous but I rested the day after. Had some tears but who doesn't! The last few days I have felt a few twinges in lower abdomen and had some cold night sweats but that's it, no other sypmtoms. I'm remaining positive and still hoping for a miracle. Day 14 is Wednesday 16th April so I'll let you know

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