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Pre cancer cyst ovary removal

Hi there..

Just wanting to see if there is any one out there going through.. Or have been though what I'm going through now..

I'm 26 years old ive been married just over a year.

Last November I had a MRI scan on my back due to a ongoing treatment, only for them to find that I have ovarian cyst, after further testing the hospital diagnosed me with embrometriosis, both my ovaries have been effected, which my largest cyst being 7cm,

So on 1/7/13 I went into hospital for a simple straight forward laparoscopy, only for them to find some thing completely different,

After my surgery I was told that they had taken some biopsies as they thought it was cancer/ pre cancer ovarian cysts,

After 2 very long weeks of waiting my appointment come though the post to go and discuss the out come.

I was told that they were pre cancerous cyst and my ovaries have to be removed but they would keep my womb.

I know I should be glad of the result as the other diagnosis would of been alot worse, but not having any children yet I'm finding it really hard to come to term with it all.

I no there are other ways and carrying a baby is an important thing to me, my sister has already offered to donate her eggs. But I'm finding it hard to come to terms with not having my OWN baby.

Hope there are others out there that can relate to my storey

Many thanks


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Hi Michelle

Sorry for the late reply – been off for 2 weeks! I was so sorry to hear of your predicament and the fact that you are to have both your ovaries removed. Of course you are devastated at not being able to have your own genetic baby, but I feel that you are the most important person at this time, and you need to concentrate on getting yourself back to full health first. You are young, which is good, and hopefully with the help of your sister you will be able to go on and grow your own baby, give birth and breast feed too if you choose. This is still a wonderful way to be able to conceive, and I have spoken with many women who have gone on to become mums using egg donation following successful cancer treatment. Remember too, that if you are able to use your sister’s eggs, then your family DNA will be in them too! Yes, you’ve got a bit of a road to go down first, but all being well, once treated you can then concentrate on trying for a baby. I do wish you well with all this.

Kind regards Diane


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