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Ovary endometrioma and egg collection

I'm currently undergoing IVF and EC is planned for next week (eeek!). I have a 3.5cm endometrioma on my right ovary. The scans show more cyst than ovary but there are a few follicles in what little ovarian tissue there is. Does anyone know if they will still be able to collect these? I'm amazed there are any follicles really as on my last IUI treatment this ovary didn't respond well at all.

Good luck to all other ladies on the various stages of the infertility journey :-) x

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I have just had endometriomas removed from both of my ovaries and am recovering from a lap.

I've had 3 rounds of IVF and a good number of eggs were collected each time - my issue seems to be them implanting after ET. I have had a general anaesthetic each time as the clinic were concerned about the amount of pressure that they may have to use. The first time I had EC the needle was put through one of endometriomas which I wasn't warned about and caused me a lot of pain. It may be worth discussing having a GA as a lot of clinics don't seem to offer it routinely. Good luck xx


Thanks for the advice, that's something that hasn't been mentioned at all. I will mention it at my next scan on Friday. V nervous about EC :-(

Good luck with your recovery xx


Hi Vickal. I've had an endometrioma punctured (intentionally) both times I've had EC so that they could get to the follicles behind it. I didn't have general anaesthetic, I was sedated and never felt a thing. I started a 12 day course of antibiotics 72 hours before EC as you're at high risk of infection for a few months afterwards (cephalexin & metronidazole). I recovered fine both times. The endometriomas were drained so they can come back quite quickly afterwards.

Good luck with EC next week :-) x x


Thanks Noodles. Were the antibiotics specifically because of the endometrioma or is that something they usually do prior to ec?


The antibiotics were specifically because of the endometrioma x x


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