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Endo cyst, surgery or no? IvF


Hi all,

I have a endo cyst on left ovary, in January I was experiencing pain in my lower back, left side, after ending up in A & E they thought I had kidney stones, so sent me for a CT scan, which showed my endo cyst has got bigger, it’s now 5cm.

At my last fertility appointment my consultant was more than happy to do the surgery, however it wasn’t big at that time, just under 2cm so I hoped for the best, and hubby was given time to give up smoking; he’s now 6 months smoke free, and we are awaiting for our appointment with same consultant at the start of March my dilemma is:

Do I have the surgery? Or should I leave it? I know IvF is the next option but can the IvF go ahead with the 5cm cyst, I want to give myself the best possible chance and be in the best possible way as I only have one round on the NHS, nothing was mentioned about my ovarian reserve when I had the bloods and other test? I’ve heard surgery can make your ovarian reserve lower, but equally leaving the cyst can damage the ovary aswell.

Please can anyone give me some advice or experiences?

Much appreciated xx

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Hi. Don’t worry I’ve been in the same situation as you. I went for the ivf and the cyst was not an issue they managed to work round it. You are right surgery does make you ovarian reserve drop. I had 2 surgery’s in 4 years and mine dropped from 33.4 to now 14.2. So it’s a huge drop but I didn’t know my ovarian reserve would drop that much.You need to think what is more important to you. Did they say anything about the cyst bursting or causing you problems.xxxx

ChloeL934 in reply to Faith103


Thanks for replying. How big was your cyst?

They haven’t said anything to me at all, just they wouldn’t consider surgery until it was at 7cm.

I mean I don’t get much pain - thankfully.

But just want the best possible chance of the IVF working.


Mine was 5cm as well. NHS are good as they will still do the egg collection but I know private clinics can make you get survey before you have any treatment. Just think you need some eggs not lots just some good quality ones. Quality not quantity is important. As long as they can get few good eggs and your womb is good then you will be fine. They are usually good at working round the cysts.xxxx

ChloeL934 in reply to Faith103

Thank you so much. Xxx

Faith103 in reply to ChloeL934

Good luck xxxx ❤️

They’ll do a blood test to ensure the cyst doesn’t secrete hormones as that could screw with your cycle. I’ve had cysts throughout. Got pregnant once (our daughter) and now fourth attempt for a sibling with one 3 cm cyst (last try two similar size). It’s just “me”... always cysts! Good luck!


Would I already of had this blood test at my local hospital or would they do this when I’m being referred for the IVF as I will be transferred to a different hospital. X

They’ll want to do it on the first or second day of your period when you’re about to start IVF. Cysts can change all the time. But I could imagine that if your decision for surgery depends on it anyone should be able to do the test, I think it’s just a basic estrogen level test . Xx

Thank you for explaining - everything is all new to me and I feel like one minute I’ve made my mind up, then the next I don’t know, it’s so difficult to know what to do for the best.

Can I ask how big your cyst was during IVF? And if they had any concerns around you going ahead with the cyst being there x

Most often I had two at 25 mm. This cycle it was only one, but 30 mm. They didn’t have any concerns as long as it didn’t produce hormone, which was what the blood test prove it didn’t

They offered to drain any cysts at egg collection for me. It's something the clinic can best advise on because it depends if it's in the way or not. I had cysts on my ivfs cycles. They come and go

ChloeL934 in reply to emmab178

Thanks for replying,

Is this NHS or private? X

emmab178 in reply to ChloeL934

My clinic do both

Hiya Chloe

I have recently developed an 8cm cyst which appeared in 3 weeks. Never had one before (well as far as I'm aware). A scan this week (approx 3.5 weeks since scan showing 8cm) it has gone to 5cm. Have another scan in 2 weeks at hosp to see what it's doing and then see what they want to do about it. The clinic we are at said see what the hosp want to do at next scan and also said about this blood test to check if it's releasing hormones,which I think they may consider if it's shrunk at next scan. Good luck. Xx

ChloeL934 in reply to Lots8788


Thanks for replying.

I may ask for a scan before I go ahead to see what the size is again...

I’m leaning more to get it removed as I know keeping it there can also damage your ovary xx

Lots8788 in reply to ChloeL934

Yeah that's a good idea x I've also heard some people have been put on the pill for a month or so which have helped to shrink them / get rid of them so may be worth asking about to help you make a decision x best of luck x

I have a 6cm endo cyst on my left ovary and today I am 5weeks pregnant after my first try at IVF. I am very lucky that it took and waiting for my appointment to see how the fetus is developing.

BUT. I am a weird case and have been in excruciating pain for more than a week now, that is, I have pain episodes that last about 10-15 min and I have had to go to the emergency room twice because of the pain. My doctor has not seen a case like this before and I am waiting to hear from a specialist but they are sure that the pain comes because of the cyst. They think the cyst is turning the ovary slightly causing lack of blood flow.

I hope these pain episodes get better and I can start feeling excited about the pregnancy but worst case I need to have an emergency surgery to remove the cyst.

The doctor did ofc not see that this would happen and they are optimistic that the pain will go down as my uterus gives my ovaries better support so they don’t turn.

I can’t advise you on anything but it is true that with surgery comes grate risk on future fertility,

Good luck on your journey 🤍

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