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What support should I exspct or ask for from school?

Hello the back story is my 5 year old daughter has been having wee accidents for the last 16 months after being potty trained (dry)for a year. She has suffered with constipation from birth and has been on lactose and movicol since she was 1. She started school in September and we have struggled with severe constipation where she has lost control of bladder and bowle up to 3 changes of clothes during the school day. We have seen a few different medical teams but no one has given us any kind of diagnosis or help solving this. Over the Easter holidays we have had a allergy test that has flagged up some food intolerances. Hoping that this will help.

So my question is what support should I exspect from school, up to now although talking to them they haven’t helped or understood the situation, if anything they have been negative and patronising. (Have You tried sticker charts)

We are back to school on Monday and Just wanted to know how much support other people have had from there schools, do we have any rights and what to exspect.

We have just spent another school holiday in pull-ups using huge amounts of Movicol to get us through to the next school holiday.

Sorry for such a long post..... any help great fully recived.


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Bless you have so been there with exactly the same issues with our daughters constipation and the school, she is now nine and still it goes on. Schools have a duty of care and have to deal with this helpfully and properly with her best interest at heart. If you don't already have one they need to put a healthcare plan in place. Get them to watch the pooh nurses video, even better they run courses at Darenth valley hospital and they can go on one. Get the school nurse involved and with you to explain it to them. Sadly our children only have us to speak for them and we have to do it forcefully and politely, it is not something that the child has control over. Our daughter wears sanitary pads so that she can replace those and generally not other clothes but she is a lot older. You wouldn't expect a five year old to do that for herself.Good luck my lovely xx

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Ps have you done a disimpaction that really helps


Thank you for your reply, feeling lost! Thats s great help knowing what to ask for when I have a meeting at school next week.

The poo nurse video is brilliant, I can’t stop talking about it! Sums up our situation perfectly.

We use the dry like me pads, they will get her through the school day when things are ok.

The dispaction has helped but we are back to square one at 6 to 8 weeks. Hopefully by cutting out certain foods this will help.

Thank you, pleased your daughter has found away to get through the day. Hope things improve for you.


Thanks honey. No I know the disimpaction only works for a while.Good luck with your meeting next week. The duty of care thing came in in 2016 I think, google it xx


I find putting things in writing and asking to speak to the school senco, I now deal with the senco at our school rather than the teacher directly, as they can put things formally in place. I have also given them a copy of hospital letters etc, just to give them a clearer understanding. Our hospital also wrote to school and rang them to see if school needed any support, and to give them a nudge in dealing with the situation. Using a wobl watch as well helped school, become more aware of it all, on trips the teacher wears it rather than my daughter. It’s took a long time for us to feel supported by school, but finally I feel we are there. My daughter has a care plan in place, she has a little star and if things aren’t good can pop it on the teachers desk if needed. This has helped when moving up to new classes. Good luck x


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