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Chronic constipation with 1st post


Hi my daughter is 10 and has just been diagnosed with chronic constipation. For the last 2 years she has suffered with stomache pains and pain in her back. She didn't go to the toilet regularly but I never thought how bad her constipation was I just thought she was having her normal movements.

She has started taking movicol and is on 4 a day nd is still not going to the toilet. However she is soiling her pants this is very hard and dry. I feel really guilty as I was blaming her for having accidents and not telling me.

Only after reading proles posts on here do I have a little better understanding of the problems.

The .movicol doesn't seem to be making a difference and I am going to see my go about how much to give her. Her school just don't accept that having accidents happen and are out of control. It doesn't help that she has no sense of smell and cant tell when she's had an accident. I am going through so much underwear I cant keep up with buying them.

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Hi there, my daughter is nearly ten and has had this for six years,not very encouraging I know, it sounds like a key she needs a disimpaction ( instructions are in the movicol box). You usually so something like 4,6,6 ,8,10 and 12 sachets o n consecutive days. This is until the poo is liquid. Then a maintenance dose of maybe three or four sachets per day, we found that senokot helps too, it helps with the stimulus to go. Also watch the poo nurses video if you haven't done so it's very helpful. Don't feel guilty unless it happens to you you wouldn't have a clue. I've had three children of my own,fostered 48 and adopted one and never come across it before. Good luck x

Thank you it's good to know your not on your own.

Like she not a key!!

Hi I feel exactly the same as u.its a long road ahead with movelcoil my LG is on 2 a day and senna that has help her bowel alot.but still has accidents. I've thrown 15 knickers in the bin.try to be more relax not stress over it as that can make them anxious. X

Our daughter wears a thin sanitary pad so that sometimes she only needs to get rid of that. I know school can be very unhelpful but they legally have a duty of care,get them to put a healthcare plan in place.x

Hiya, you will find lots of useful advice on this forum. I agree with above comments. Also regular sitting on the loo time every day. My son does before school and in the evening after dinner and his daily suppository. He can’t poo on the loo hardly ever (only soils in his pants) but we’ve maintained the routine anyway. He also has a squatty potty style step to put his feet on. Loads and loads and loads to drink every day (monitor this carefully) deffo full disimpaction and I agree that a stimulant like Senna is a good idea. My son wears incontinence pads from Lidl because his soiling is severe. I prefer the Tena type pads as they are more durable than the sanitary towel type. My son also has padded pants the continence nurse gave us but you can buy them. Changing bag everywhere you go helps. School nurse can be helpful if there are issues at school. Also referral to continence service. My son Knows I post on this forum, I’ve read stuff out to him and written what he’s said before. If you think it would help her feel less alone then tell her about it. My son is also 10 and there is a big psychological impact when they are that age. I pushed for my son to see hospital psychologist due to his severe pain and great distress and violent behaviour and the one we see now is really good and gives him practical solutions for managing. He’s also mostly dairy free. I would say he’s at the most severe end so hopefully you will be able to just do a disimpaction and find the right maintenance dose and things will improve dramatically. Good luck 🤗

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Thank you appriciate your advice

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My daughter will not sit on a potty or toilet she scream and hold until I put a pull up on. I've tried everything and dreading school Sept.think I be in school alot as she so bad so unfair and hate seeing her like this.;-(

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