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Talk to your Doctor about TRI-MIX

Talk to your doc. about TRI MIX, it is a compounded injection, like Caverject, in fact Aprostadil is one of the three ingredients.

The cost is waaay less than Caverject. 5ml. costs me $85.00. I use a 20 unit injection, which comes out to 5 injections per ml. x 5 ml= 25 injections @$3.40 per injection.

Actually I recently found out that some docs start you on it early, after surgery.

I missed out on that, three and a half years ago.

This is an example goodrx.com/caverject.

Tri mix, peoplespharmacy.com/2015/05...

Do some research on it. You can even get an auto injector to put the syringe in, to not have to watch the needle go into prized possession.

If your doc. doesn't know about it, see someone else.

This is new to me also, but it is much better than everything else I have tried.

Good luck with your future recovery

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Apologize for this repost but I'm not sure who reads what when. This is from another thread which was over a year old:

I had a Radical Prostatectomy in June 2017 and have experience total ED since then. I don't have a partner but missed the pleasure of an erection and orgasm so I started masturbating when I had recovered from the surgery. I could easily get a dry orgasm which felt just as good as prior to my surgery. Of course there is no ejaculation so that took a little getting used to. I finally saw an ED Urologist last week who gave me a low-dose test shot of TriMix (not sure of the dosage). It gave me a fairly good partial erection within a few minutes but was very painful. I couldn't imagine a full dose. So he prescribed me BiMix with a starting dose of 10 units. I tried it today for the first time and got a semi-hard erection but absolutely no pain. It felt great to have a real erection again. My question is can I increase the dosage by steps myself? I'd ask my ED Urologist but he was an arrogant prick (pun intended) the last time I communicated with him through my patient portal.