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Need Help/Advice with Trimix.


I am 60 YO, and have been a diabetic for 20 + years. I have ED and till about 2012 oral medications like Viagra and Tadalfil gave me rock hard erections. After 2012 It has been real bad - and I get partial erections - which means I have not been intimate in almost 6 years.

I came across two options - the Shock wave therapy and Trimix injections. Muse suppositories cost $ 445 for 5 suppositories) I am not in favor or Shock wave therapy because of the cost ($ 2000-3000, not covered by Insurance).

With Trimix I have a different issue. I went to a clinic in Dallas TX - where I paid the initial consultation of $ 99. The problem is that their package is costly ( $ 500 - 2000 for Trimix and the syringes. They will not tell me what the dosage is or concentration it would be.. In the end I don't know how much I would spend and for how many doses.

Can someone please suggest a way out, where I can speak to a physician over the phone, and have a prescription sent to a compounding pharmacy? Is there any other advice one can offer in terms of "Which pharmacy has the easiest process, the lowest prices etc.?

This might be a bit difficult to answer - how much does it hurt using Trimix?

While intimacy is important to me, I don't have a ton of money. Thanks in advance for your advice and views.

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that's highway robbery. For the trimax I paid $145 for a 300 mL bottle enough for 9 injections of 30 milliliters each. The syringes were Cheep

Massdow in reply to Vitruviusman

Can you please tell me which doctor and pharmacy you used to get the trimix?

are you really taking 3 ml to 4 ml per injection? my md started me at .1 ml and no response .2 ml no response . I am curious if you mean 3ml (3cc) or .3 ml (.3 cc)of trimix .Thnks

I use Empower Pharmacy in Houston. They send the TriMix and syringes to my house. It's about $80 for the 5 ml vial and 40 syringes. You just need a doctor to send them the prescription.

Thank you very much - you seem to be like godsend!

What is the dosage, for a first time Trimix user? I hear the initial Trimix dose is around 0.05 cc to 0.2 CC. - is that correct?

Lastly my Family physician is a lady - are there online doctors who would write a prescription for a fee?

I have been using Trimix for almost two years. I made an appointment to see a Urologist. He gave me a prescription. It comes from a compounding pharmacy and is delivered to my door. It cost $123 and change. I keep it in the freezer until I'm ready to use it. Injecting twice a week, it lasts about 6 weeks. The ED clinics are a rip off. The Urologist will inject you in his office first. It may take a few tries to get the formula correct and the right amount to inject. The injecting is almost painless. I would also recommend getting a cheap vacuum pump from a sex store. Pump on a regular basis. This will help to maintain your size. It is important to do this if you get no natural erections during the day or when you sleep.

Massdow in reply to Tewks

Thank you so much : I guess I'll see a urologist - I hope the Urologist gives ma a prescription for Trimix, instead of up-selling me to go for a penile implant (have no plans to do that, neither can I afford that)

I do have a battery operated pump: I found it clumsy to use, especially placing the ring over the end of my penis. I guess I must start using it again, apart from getting the Trimix.

Vitruviusman in reply to Massdow

I bought a 300 mg bottle for $145 at a pharmacy in Los Angeles. I don't use the stuff anymore but I have to go look it up for you. I need a 25 mg per shot.

Massdow in reply to Tewks

Can you let me know the name of your pharmacy? I can ask my urologist to send a prescription there.

It s seem like robbery I have been taking Caverject injection 20mg about $ 35 dollar Canadian .

Massdow in reply to Mano_1

I assume you live in Canada. I myself used to live there, and yes, a lot of stuff is a ripoff here in the US - unfortunately that is the reality.

You should check for a coumpounding pharmacy in Canada I know they use to send pills into the States before.

Massdow in reply to Mano_1

Thanks - I guess Trimix is a liquid - don't know if they will ship that. Also after Obama came to power, he got most online pharmacies banned - so Google will hardly show any online pharmacy when one does a search.

They ship it to me in MA. The compounding pharmacy is in NJ. They just pack it in ice and ship it overnight.

Massdow in reply to Tewks

Where’s your pharmacy loccated?

The compounding pharmacy is in New Jersey and I live in Massachusetts.

The pharmacy is Millers of Wyckoff. 678 Wyckoff Ave. Wyckoff, NJ 07481. Phone: 1-888-891-3334

Massdow in reply to Tewks

Thanks so much!

So I received the prescription for Trimix. I have learned that is has a 60-day refrigerated shelf-life...local compounding pharmacy cost is $145 for 10 ml...or $105 for 5 ml???? (what??) It is not covered by insurance. So a company on-line (Olympia Pharmacy - based in Orlando, FL) says they have a formulation of the Rx that they claim has a 1-year refrigerated shelf-life. I have asked for pricing info. and whether they add anything to prolong the life of the formulation. Anyone have any experience with this company for TriMix?

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