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Best treatment for ED

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I was diagnosed with prostate Cancer in 2017 and had a radical prostate removal in Jan 2019. Since then I have had no erection at all. I have tried Cialis, Viagra and Penile injections. All have had no effect except injections which resulted to not hard erection but too painful after injecting. I feel that my wife, who is 14 years younger than me is feeling lonely since we last had sex mid Jan 2019. I have thought of an implant,but it is to expensive for me. What best treatment can I get?

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dear, you can try generic meds to cure your ED.

I would like to visit they have provided FDA- approved Genuine medicine to cure your ED.

Have you tried Bimix vs Trimix as an injectable? I had no ache effect with Bimix.

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Bimix is a lot better than Trimix when it comes to not having all the pain,not to be negative but it’s a lame erection I’d say maybe 65% of what it was before the RP

Bimix gave excellent results (3-hour erections) with no pain for me...before both stopped working. No one has been able to tell me why neither worked after a year.

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That’s a real shame. Not ideal.

Have you tried different strengths of injections? or Bimix, or Quadmix?definetly need to speak with your Urologist.

I had the EXACT same situation as you! So I got a penile implant and no more ED.

I’ve used Trimix for about 4 years. Works great, no pain, strong erections of 1 1/2 - 2 hour duration. I had prostate removed at 71, and am almost 76 now. Viagra, and pills don’t work since my operation. I made the decision to go straight to Trimix based on my research. The first prescription was for a low dose (half strength) mix. Which didn’t work well. I thought I would go to the regular strength dose as it was just as expensive. Also I read on another forum about those with venous leakage, after injection the active ingredients would flow back out of the penis before it could be circulated and absorbed by the tissues in the penis blood chambers. The cure wasto inject with a “cock ring” on at the base. This restricted the medicine from escaping the penis blood chambers so it could work to give an erection. I did this and found I could use a relatively low dose 3.3 measured units on a insulin injection hypodermic needle. I remove the ring after 10 minutes and have applied a alcohol swab with pressure to the injection site (a standard recommended procedure). The result is a strong 1 1/2 hour erection which is plenty for love making with my wife. One last point... I use an automatic injection for my hypodermic needle. Easy to use, no hesitation... painless.


Good luck let me know if you find anything that works, I went through the same thing in 2019 and nothing really works, my urologist was great at diagnosing me for the RPR after going through the operation when you talk about ED problems it seems like kind of a gray area that they really don't know what to do I am heading to a rehabilitation center to talk with a specialist on nerve damage in that area it's expensive but feel like I don't have any other choice, my gf is 10 years younger than me and don't know how long she'll be patient enough to wait

The simple penis ring helps considerably by restricting back flow of blood.

My urologist is the same way. Fast to talk you into RALP and say there are all kinds of options if ED occurs. Well, ED did occur and now it's like he doesn't want to do anything but send me for 6 month ultra sensitive PSA tests. When I ask about rehabilitation he said, Well I am giving you daily Cialis." I'm glad I'm cancer free now but damn... help a brother out here, will ya?

Please let us know how it goes with your specialist. I want to look for help elsewhere too.

Look into an implant. I did not pay anything for it. Check your insurance.

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