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Best treatment for ED


I was diagnosed with prostate Cancer in 2017 and had a radical prostate removal in Jan 2019. Since then I have had no erection at all. I have tried Cialis, Viagra and Penile injections. All have had no effect except injections which resulted to not hard erection but too painful after injecting. I feel that my wife, who is 14 years younger than me is feeling lonely since we last had sex mid Jan 2019. I have thought of an implant,but it is to expensive for me. What best treatment can I get?

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dear, you can try generic meds to cure your ED.

I would like to visit they have provided FDA- approved Genuine medicine to cure your ED.

Have you tried Bimix vs Trimix as an injectable? I had no ache effect with Bimix.

PerPlexedGuy in reply to JRPnSD

Bimix is a lot better than Trimix when it comes to not having all the pain,not to be negative but it’s a lame erection I’d say maybe 65% of what it was before the RP

Bimix gave excellent results (3-hour erections) with no pain for me...before both stopped working. No one has been able to tell me why neither worked after a year.

IP_Nightly in reply to JPnSD

That’s a real shame. Not ideal.

Stay strong! I have had some ED issues lately, but some regular meds helped me well. I guess in your case you should ask different doctors for advice

Have you tried different strengths of injections? or Bimix, or Quadmix?definetly need to speak with your Urologist.

I had the EXACT same situation as you! So I got a penile implant and no more ED.

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