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Partial Nocturnal Erections -- Positive Sign?

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With respect to all the guys who are battling much more serious health challenges post-RRP than I am, I don't want to clog the PCa communities with ED posts. I am thankful to have this forum for ED questions.

Very few, almost no one, is posting their experiences with regaining erections after their prostate was surgically removed. I am talking about erections of a quality for intercourse, without the help of pills, needles, and pumps. Urologists casually say "it could take 12 to 24 months" for nerves to heal after surgery and erections to return.

I have had a few partial nocturnal erections lately. Hoping this is a good sign. Anyone out there experiencing similar "morning wood" (or already passed through this stage of recovery) post-surgery?

Taking this as a positive sign based on this quote: "Regular nighttime erections can actually signal that your body is in good health, says Adam Ramin, M.D., urologist and medical director of Urology Cancer Specialists in Los Angeles. A healthy man can expect to get hard three to five times per night, and this can serve as an indicator how your entire body is functioning."

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I had IGRT external beam 11 years ago and maintained the ability to have erections for several years, then they became increasingly difficult to get and maintain. My doctor views it as age related (I'm 79). Morning wood is now morning heaviness, but every so often I'll awaken in the middle of the night to a good strong (penetration ready) erection. My question is why? Why cannot I preserve it until I can use it? Why can't I duplicate it with some combo of porn, pills, and pump?

Fear not! You can order the Giddy, the new ED device administrator Darryl has been mentioning. It may greatly help you achieve stronger erections.

Spontaneous nocturnal erections are a great sign that there is life there and everything is still function to a certain degree. It is a very good sign. A few things to keep in mind is how long ago was your surgery and what you’re currently doing to try to preserve and/or rehabilitate your penis during that 12-24 month timeframe while your nerves heal. There is significant evidence concerning the use of a vacuum erection device used therapeutically either daily or every other day to preserve your penile tissue and prevent your penis from going into atrophy during that time you’re waiting for nerves to heal. Think of it as exercising your penis. Lots of well supported, randomized, multi-center studies with great evidence of using a vacuum therapy system to exercise your penis during your recovery to prevent penile atrophy and give yourself the beat chance of getting back to your pre-operative function.

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Amen, EDAdvice. I'm posting a bit on the PCa sites, and just discovered this special community. Quick back story on me. Healthy 63 year old dx'ed with prostate cancer via biopsy (a couple 4+3 Gleasons) in June 2018. Radical robotic prostatectomy performed in Oct 2018, nerve sparing (two post surgery PSAs less than 0.007). Frequent manual rehab of the penis since surgery -- also on daily 20mg sildenafil. Unresponsive to vacuum pump and 100mg dose of sildenafil. URO prescribed Trimix (at my request) about six weeks ago. Game changing! I am so impressed with results, as is my wife! We love this injectable potion. Now, back to work -- grinding toward a PhD in ED.

The Giddy is poised to become the go-to default method of getting great erections again. I can hardly wait. The word of mouth will be crazed. Lots and lots of suddenly happier guys!

Baw1955, sounds like you are on your way! Great to hear that someone in my same situation is having progress toward full wood! I have not had nocturnal erections yet, but i do get semi firmness, but really no length/growth att. I continue with vacum pump most days and bimix - usually 2x week - wearing the wife out, we do enjoy the sex, but sometimes you just want a quicky, but w/bimix its a 4 hr erection - we don't waist it...marathon sex. I look forward to the coming time when we can have sex on the spot and not plan our sex wife is super supportive and we are in this together. Please continue to post your progress, it gives me hope and encouragement, I am now 4 months out, just had my 2nd psa drawn yesterday and will see my surgeon next tuesday the 9th of July to get results??? Good luck to all in our situation, the quest for solid natural wood is on...

What were the PSA results from your July 9 test?

Undetectable, very happy w that!!

Hope they keep on coming like that! My 3rd post-surgery test is in September.

Solid natural wood can use help to become that to the max: I'm obsessed with all things Giddy, now that we're this close to September. It will quickly become standard front-line ED treatment; the engineering of the precise shape allows blood flow as it applies pressure.

good sign that you are repairing

Good sign indeed! Giddy comes out next month -- don't hesitate to get it!

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