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Bimix/Trimix Questions

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In the context of TRIMIX, we hear about the danger of priapism (prolonged erection) as a side effect. In the context, I have a couple of questions:

1. Have you had a case of priapism, and is that painful?

2. I understand that having SUDAFED helps the priapism go away - any experiences with that? I am told that priapism can be very harmful - and hence this question (I'd rather have Sudafed than go to ER)

3. To prevent priapism is it ok to have a lower dosage of TRIMIX? LIke if the doctor prescribed 0.2 ML, it is ok to administer 0.1 ML? If done, would the medication not work - I mean like a person does not get an erection?

Thanks !

16 Replies
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In all my years here and on the old site which preceded this one I can recall only one case of priapism and my memory of that involves some special circumstances. I may have missed some but since they aren't reported I presume they are rare. If you follow your doctor's directions you shouldn't have a problem. And yes, my PA suggested the Sudafed as a first aid measure that usually works.

From what I was told and what I've seen here, the first dose you get is based on your doctor's best guess about what will work for you. In many cases the dose will be adjusted up or down depending on your results. In some cases the doctor will start you low and suggest increasing the dose slowly until the results are satisfactory. That happened for me. He also set an upper limit and said "if you want to go beyond that we need to talk first." So, do what the doctor orders. If your report back and establish respect between you and the doc you'll probably be given guidance on adjusting your own dosage.

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Massdow in reply to BerkshireBear

Thank you so much for that detailed response. Strange as it might seem, I filled a prescription for Trimix, but soon after the Covid thing hit the world like a runaway train. I haven't had the chance to meet my doctor. Besides, the wife is away, so there has been no motivation to see the doctor. I asked the question in the context of some very unsavory priapism stories I heard about Trimix.

What I was told was that nurse would administer Trimix, and I would be at the doctor's office for up to 2 hours, in the event of priapism. I am told that with Trimix, the erection lasts until the drug wears off - unlike a natural erection where the penis goes soft after ejaculation.

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BerkshireBear in reply to Massdow

Doing the first injection at the doctor's office is usual. Typically with the help of a nurse or physician's assistant. Think about who would post those stories and why. Storytelling and storytellers have a history for embellishment and stretching. People who have real problems rarely tell - or do so in more helpful and cautionary ways.

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Massdow in reply to BerkshireBear

You are absolutely right about this. I guess it takes a bit of practice to get to the right dose? So to my other question, if the doctor recommends 0.2 cc, and one ends up injecting 0.1 cc, is it possible he does not get a proper erection?

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No harm in starting small. Finding the effective dose is probably more an art than a science. I would suggest that you make sure that you are not dehydrated at the time. I'm assuming that you would want to self administer at home after you've learned how to do the injection at the doctor's office.

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Thanks very much. The first time, it might be a bit scary I guess!

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The thought of sticking a needle there is a little scary but once the doc gives you your first you see it is hardly noticeable seriously! It works great but the key is don’t get a hurry to find the best dose. Good doctors always error on the conservative side. So your first is his educated guess. So the horror stories you hear are typically people raising dosage to much to quickly! Hypothetically let’s your doctor starts at 5 units and it’s okay but not great. Mathematically if you go up one full unit to six units, it doesn’t sound like a lot but mathematically it’s a twenty percent increase in medication. It took me a month to six weeks moving up in partial units to find the magic number and it is different every one! Impatient people can hurt themselves, take your time, it works great and well worth the effort! With an implant it takes six weeks to recover from surgery! Pick your poison! Good luck

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maeg4y in reply to BerkshireBear

Viаgra without a prescription - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.

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I wouldn't worry too much about the risk of priapism. Your doctor will start you off on a low dose that you will titrate up until you find the correct dose that works for you. There's no problem with using a lower dose, but you may not achieve the results you desire. You can experiment by yourself or with your partner. I've never had a problem with having an erection that lasts too long, but Sudafed should work if needed.

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My40 in reply to Inspjones

Exactly, patience is the key, the risk is pretty low impatient people get themselves into trouble

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Has not happened to me. The first injection I did have a five-hour erection. I Do not have pseudoephedrine in the house.

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I tried the TRIMAX the first time and took too much. I had an erection for almost 3 hours. THANK GOD it went flaccid quickly after that.. Next time Take a a few mililiters and then work up to the proper dose for you

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My experience is the same as others mentioned. Doctor watched as I administered first dose to confirm I had process correct. Waited 15 min and checked results. Suggested next time I up the dose some. Told me to adjust up or down in small amounts until I got best results. Also to be sure I had pseudoephedrine on hand in case had problems and gave me timeframes on when to take and when to go to ER if didn't go down. (By the way need the real stuff from behind the counter, not the on the shelf sudafed).

I did go a little overboard once -- due to not getting in right spot and breaking rule of using more if didn't work. Used Sudafed and just before needed to head to hospital started going down. Got pretty sore, haven't done that again.

It will take you a little practice to get shot in right spot every time. One side is harder for me to hit than other.

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malemember in reply to Longlines8

Everyone here is using trimix. I use bimix and haven't had much problems. Only time was when I didn't inject deap enough. I didn't get hard instead got very very puffy. I tried trimix but even at a small dose it was way too strong. The Mrs. said it was hard as a nail and actually too hard. I was so hard that I didn't have full feeling and difficult having an orgasm because of reduced sensitivity.

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My prescription said use .2 and doc injected .3. Came back in in 20 minutes and says working fine, go home and use it. I will be here if you need me. Pain was unbearable. Went straight to pharmacy to get Sudafed and took it. Lasted 4 hrs and went down. Later found .09 did the job for 3 hrs. Be advised! 30 % of guys have a allergic reaction to the PGE-1 in trimix. I was 1 of the 30%. Any amount of the PGE-1 is very painful. Some say trimix will not cause peyronies disease ( abnormal bending) but in less than 30 injections, a 15 degree bend started with some scaring . As all my nerves were removed in the RP, I scheduled an appointment with an implant dr. He said stop injecting immediately. Many guys inject for quite some time.

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I have had two priarpisms on my first two injections. I injected 0.3 ml of bimix (30mg papa/1mg pent)which was the lowest dose shown on the schedule. I tried taking the 2 sudafed pills with no response. Took two more and no change. Of to the ED (no pun intended) at 11pm and they removed blood and injected pseudoephedrine, no change. I was attended by a busy surgical registrar who was not so experienced in this. Better to try the first few injections when you know here will be a urologist at the hospital. After 6 hours it went down after curling in a ball,

Next time I tried half that dose (0.15ml) and off to the ED at 3 hours after again no response to the sudafed pills. I tried running up and down stairs (first time) and biking on a home trainer (second time) with no change.

If anything increasing my body temperature made it worse. I tried some ice packs which i think was a better idea but should have tried that first. It went down after the urologist aspirating some blood on one side. They knew what they were doing and pressed to stop the new blood coming in. (the surgical registrar didnt know to do that)

I think they take a guess at the first dose and it is better to start low and have no effect than go through the ED department! I have been reading extensively since then to try and establish what dose would have been better to start on. It seems that bimix can be started at 0.05ml.

They should be making an assessment of you based on age and erections before they decide on the dose. There is a scale where 55 year old are given a lesser dose than 65 year old. I am 66 but was still 100 percent before the RP. I think they should have started me on 0.1ml.

I have since tried papaervine by itself starting at 0.3ml. No reaction at that and I gradually increased by 0.2 per injection and now 80 percent at 1 ml. Probably 1.2 to 1.3ml would be about right.

But I am going to run some trials on bimix starting low (proabably 0.75ml) as it is more economic to be injecting 0.1ml than 1ml!

It seems there are different opinions on whether to start on bimix or trimix,

The addition of prostoglandin appears to improve the erection but can also increase pain.

(from what I have experience with trimix)

I notice that with bimix although the erection was hard the head wasnt swollen and have read this a few times.

One person on a forum claimed that this was rectified by using marijauna. Are there anyone else with this experience? Does trimix give a better erection?

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