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Which treatment should I take after Cerazzette, Micronor doesn't help my pain?

Hello, I have my tummy pain (between 10 days before my period until period pain starts) nearly 10 years except while I was pregnant and one year after I had my son. I take max dose of Buscopan and loxoprofen (similar to Naproxen) for my pain but still struggling to live.

I had a laparoscopy in November 2011 and was told that I have a lot of adhesions in my pelvic are and my right overly and womb were stuck to the bowel (my main severe pain is on the right side). The doctor thought I probably have endometriosis on the bowel adhesions.

From April 2012 I tried Zoladex for 3 months and the last 2 months I had less pain and period free however I had bad and many migraines and put one kg every injection which never went away. 4 weeks after the last Zoladex my cycle returned to normal and unfortunately my pain has returned and it has been as bad as the labour pain.

My migraine has aura so I am stopped to take the pills so I was given Cerazzette in November 2012 and it didn't help my tummy pain. I was bleeding on and off all the time and I had migraines nearly every week.

I was given Micrornor by GP in March 2013 and I have pain nearly every day since.

I have an appointment with pelvic pain clinic at the Gyno on Monday. I need to do something more to control my pain.

I am thinking to ask at my Monday appointment at the hospital the following:

Can someone give me some advice, please?

1. Take the pill, now as my migraine is controlled by Beta-blocker (I have less migraine and aura is very rarely happen.) Take the pill and Beta-blocker.

2. Progestogens treatment – which one? Is anyone taking Dydrogesterone?

3. GnRH - I am 42 years old and are GnRH treatments safe enough for me (will it weakens my bone)?, if so which one is good? (well, I guess everyone's side effect comes out differently...)

Thank you.

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I too get auras with migraines, but only about once a year. Unfortunately because I have had a history of migraine and auras they won't ever let me go back on the combined pill. Similar to you all the mini pills just made me a bleeding machine! The depo injection made me bleed 50% of the time but my pain wasn't as bad.

Have you thought of the mirena? Loads of people rave about it.

I haven't got any experience of progesterone treatment.

I found gnrh amazing (with hrt addback) and would have it again, i had a 3 month injection and after the 1st month I had about 6 months of relief. If they are concerned about bone density they can do bone density scans, but with hrt addback it's not as much of an issue.

Good luck x


Hi Cloudyrain. I guess there are not much possibility that I can use the combined pill then. So apart from having an operation, I probably go for GnRH. Zoladex did give me less pain for few weeks but I also had worse and many migraines and put on weight. If I am going for it, I will ask bone scans. I didn't have HRT addback before so I will enquire it too.

Only my concern with Zoladex is when I finish up to 6 injections - will I get more migraines, put over 6kg from now, and most importantly, will my pain come back same???

My appointment is tomorrow afternoon so I am going to write up my questions now. This appointment comes every 6 months, it is too long intervals...

Please someone give me the life with pain free!


Oh about the Marina coil, I have heard about it and also thought about having it. My GP said if I have it, they are not prepared to take it away at least for 6 months. I was worried if I had a bad side effect, I will have to suffer for 6 months. I had so many painkiller and tablets to control my pain but moreoless every single tablets I had bad reaction. So I was decided not to have Marina. I know Marina works very well for some people.

Thank you for your reply Cloudyrain.


sounds very similar to my situation, however an endo specialist told me that if disease has advanced on to bowel etc then gnrh antagonists hyst arnt effective as disease is extensive i.e on other organs like bladder and bowel, and also that hrt feeds the disease, ive been told for severe endo the only option is excision, but its a pretty specialised procedure and not just any gynae or surgeon can do it, it has to be an endo specialist....im at my wits end with this as im back to see my gynae tomorrow and no doubt ill be offered a hyst again....would love to know how i can be referred to a specialist as what they tell you is VERY diffrent from what a general gynaecologist tells you. hope today went ok for you x


Hi lynnx, thanks.

I am not seeing an endo specialist, I am going to see a "professor" in the pelvic pain clinic in the hospital...

I thought HRT addback will give you more endo. I wasn't prepared to have hysterectomy at 42 as I thought I may have to have HRT and get the pain back.

My heavy day is over today so I should have better day tomorrow to go back to work on Monday, well pain wise. I wish the weekend starts tomorrow...

I hope your appointment goes well tomorrow.


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