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Pain when sitting on hard surface for too long, standing for too long and aerobics

Hi ENDO family :-)

So here I am writing yet again about this shitty pain (sorry about the language) sometimes i feel like shoving my hand in and just taking the section with the pain out lol.....but this week (it is my period week) has been really bad with pain killers its a dull pounding pain but as soon as the pain killers ware out BANG the pain comes back . Yesterday I forgot it was the pain killers helping me cope and didn't take any after sitting down for an hour the pain after getting up was excruciating I couldn't sit properly on my journey back in the car ( I was glad that hubby dearest was driving)

I have noticed my pain is worsened by sitting on hard surfaces for too long, standing for too long, long walks, or any aerobics all these things flare up the symptoms and make them worse....and this is regardless of whether I am on my periods or not

I was just wondering if any one else has the similar problem

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My pain is much worse first thing in the mornings, I struggle getting mobile for the first hour after getting out of bed, if I sit for too long or stand for too long then I struggle getting moving again and the pain intensifies.......yet I manage to walk (not as far as i used to before my recent lap) and before my lap I could attend aqua and Zumba, I tried Pilates this week, it was ok but I suffered the day after, I also went back to Zumba and again was fine whilst doing it but suffer after. It would seem that my pain does lower when I'm moving, but I obviously can't keep my body moving 24/7 lol xx


Hi there when i used to suffer with endo pain I found noticed that if I used tampax the pain was unbearable infact it was that reson i whent and seen the nurce at my local dotors about it and she said something was not right and thats' how i found out i got endo hope this helps x



Sorry to hear your suffering since I've joined this web page I've found out sooooooooo much information!

But in answer to your question I also do Zumba which is great for me with stage 4 endo but tried pilates/yoga and felt someone had ripped my guts out its because it deals with your core muscles just where the endo is so gave that a miss. Also I as told by the hospital specialist never to use tampons as it makes your period flow backwards as with endo. So rest Heat ( Hot water bottle) and a bland diet work for me.

Hope this information is of some help to you.



i have the same thing. sometimes, like the other day, I sit down and its like an iron rod the shooting pain through bowel, vagina and pelvis. its so horrible, i literally feel your pain xxx


its been my bleed week to...but ive noticed alot more pain with my bowels then ive had before..and i also feel like doing a diy body removal!!!...im the same with the pain killers they dont take it away i always have the dull heavy ache..but they help me to move...and i have never been able to use tampons just thought i was weird they always hurt...its strange wen you look bak wat actually adds up to endo...and them shooting pains take your breathaway!!...xxxx


I find exactly the same as Worth71 that the pain is worse first thing in the morning. I tend not to notice it as much when I'm moving but if I sit down for any length of time it's much more noticeable. I often feel like it would be easier if I didn't have to stop!

I went to the doctors on Tuesday and she's given me an antispasmodic to try, similar to buscopan. I've been taking it for the last couple of nights and although it's early days yet, it might be helping a bit. I don't seem to be getting as much wind in the evenings, which was probably due to my stomach cramping. I'm also just taking paracetamol for now with it as was taking ibuprofen up until fairly recently and I think it irritated my stomach and the pain seemed to intensify.


Hi Amera, I am totally with you.... I too am unable to do any activity for a prolonged period e.g. sitting standing, walking even sleeping due to pain and swelling. I find that if I rest indoors with hot water bottle and pain killers and shuffle to kitchen to make a cuppa, I can get through the day quite well. Other days I mistakenly think I'll be ok to go to the market and pick up a few things.... by the time I get there my whole mid section - stomach and back are in agony and I have to take baby steps to return home. I have not yet seen a Specialist Gynae nor had a Lap appt... but am sure I have Endo and have had for many years. Like other ladies on here I had been fobbed off with IBS or Urine infections and diet etc and had never heard of Endo...until I had severe back pain. Following an MRI scan I was told I had a disc protrusion at L5 - S1, so now all those years of bowel/bladder and bloating pains are blamed on my back. This latest episode of bloated belly and pain has been since January continuously. I have read up on Endo foods to avoid and have lost weight but still the pain persists. I have bilateral cysts of 4cm on my ovaries and one is haemorrhalgic these should have come away by now but my last period lasted only 2 days and was not heavy like other periods. I have an appt with my GP on 27th April and am hoping she will let me have a Lap.

I keep a diary of symptoms, periods and meds too, to show the GP. It seems to me from reading many stories on here that even when women have been diagnosed any follow up treatment does not entirely fix their problems which is very sad. I do hope you find the right balance of meds to treat your pain, I take a mixture of Codeine (minimal) paracetamol soluble and Ibuprofen... I do hope I wont have to be on these for too much longer I hate taking meds. The only thing that has any real effect for me (and I have noted for others too) is heat...hot baths and hot water bottles! I admire you for exercising or at least trying to and I wish you well in beating the pain my dear..... you sound like a strong person...and someone who wont let this awful thing get you down. Best wishes for a pain free future.

Angie xx


thank you for such a sweet message. Your gp may refer you to a gyni consultant, or ask you to take other medications which have a lot of side effects. Make sure you state that you are not taking anything until you are diagnosed through laproscopy, then see what they say. being on medication without diagnosis is not nice because then you'll be going through all the extra pain without knowing the exact cause.

I have an appointment with my consultant tomorrow see what happens


I literally had to sign up just to reply to this. 


I'm a line worker, and I stand for 8 hours a day. With endo, I can really only stand for 4 hours on a good day and 2 hours on a bad day before the pain is so bad I almost feel like I'm going to pass out. It happens in my whole pelvis, my hips and the side of my thighs. Most days I feel like I could be fired at any moment because I'm a liability. Nobody believes I'm really in that much pain, and for awhile I thought it was all in my head. I've never heard of anyone else with Endometriosis having a hard time standing for long periods of time, all the time. I'm glad (but not glad) I'm not the only one! Hang in there! xox


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