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Pain Worse When Sitting

Before Zoladex pain all the time. Now after 2 Zoladex injection pain worse when sitting in pelvic area and in hips. And sometimes if I lay on my side i have trouble turning back onto back (feel like i am an 80 year old) I have not been diagnosed with Endo but it has been mentioned they are trying Zoladex first and if it doesn't work Bowel and Bladder next to be looked at. Has anyone else found sitting or laying worsens pain?

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The endo pain I had was always worse when sitting or laying down. Usually when I was walking (when I had energy) I was much better or actually fine!!!

It depends where the endo is and which nerves are affected. xx


Just reading your comment and interested to hear you find sitting and laying down painful and uncomfortable, yet walking when you have the energy helps. I find this too and wonder if it is endorphines being released (natural painkillers) or because the pelvic and intestinal organs are not sitting on top of each other and being stretched out!


My endo was in my right uterosacral ligament, the area is full of nerves, hence the constant pain when sitting down or laying in bed. It was explained to me both from my gyane and neurologist. No pinching pain, constant, sharp, burning pain spreading to my hip and leg and these are basic signs of nerve pain. xx


This sounds like me. :) God i wish they would just go in and have a look so i can have a proper diagnosis. x


My endo was in my right uterosacral ligament, the area is full of nerves, hence the constant pain when sitting down or laying in bed. Since you are describing same symptoms, I believe you should have a lap and get a proper diagnosis. xx


oh my goodness this is me 100% !!!

Absolute chronic pain in my hips when sitting down for more than 10 minutes!

Used to be able to withstand it for longer (up to an hour when it first began 4 months ago when all my other Endo symptoms practically came on at once 3 months prior to that) but now the intervals get shorter and shorter.. standing up/walking around relieves the pain but comes straight back again the minute i sit back down again..

Has anyone tried any alternate pain therapies? No pain killers seem to give me any relief now (Just memory problems Grrr) and I recently had to spend 2 weeks in hospital due to a complication from having an Epidural Cortisone Steroid Injection done to help the pain - safe to say it only added more problems to the long list already!

Having a Laparoscopy on the 28th Feb - hopefully they can find what this all is!! Hopefully they can actually see the uterosacral ligament area as my Gynae said inspecting the sacral area is too deep and poking around would be too risky with nerves etc :/


Yes, I too have a pinching pain (right sided) just inside my hip about what I would imagine to be an inch above where my ovary should be but menopausal now so it might be a little shrivelled! It hurts when I sit, like right now as I type this! I find I have to wear very loose waistbands and tend to live in fleecy pyjama bottoms a couple of sizes bigger than what I actually am which is a bit depressing.

My Gp and I think it might be that what is left of my right ovary could well be pulled up and contorted/twisted by adhesions which are likely to be pulling on bowel or bladder or other intestinal or pelvic organs and associated nerve pain! I find if my bladder or bowel fills, even partially it pinches and pulls more which further suggests adhesions. I find lying down ok to start with but when I go to bed, I am awoken several times with pain in bladder and bowel and need to keep visiting the loo. First thing it is really painful and continues to ache after loo visit. Then I sit and get this nauseous pinchy pain which is impossible to ignore but have to take different pain relief pills, avoiding constipating codeine which although helps ends up giving me another problem, pain from constipation which also pulls on adhesions.


Sitting for me has been painful for years! I live in two sizes too big trousers and can't wait to get into my baggy fleeced pyjamas in the evening. I get right sided pinching inside my hip about an inch above where the ovary is or used to be (a few months menopausal). Probably now adhesions (scar tissue) now as a result of extensive endo and various ops. It makes me feel sickly and wakes me daily with stomach and pelvic pain when bladder and bowel are even slightly full, so a full nights sleep just doesn't happen! Multi loo trips are a nightly reality and pain killers tend to run out in the early hours so pain creeps back, worsened by full bladder and bowel, horrible! I find my best position is upright and doing a daily walk, maybe due to endorphines released and perhaps due to organs tethered by adhesions being stretched out and not sitting on each other as they do when you sit. I previously had fallopian tubes removed and one of the stumps stuck to my bowel

plus ovary stuck to bowel the other side. Lap and Hysterectomy removed as much scar tissue and endo as possible but due to close proximity to bowel, I think they must have left some deposits or operation just created more adhesions. Either way it hurts now as it did back then and codeine constipates without stool softeners so have to switch and have times without pain relief! My whole hip tends to ache and low back when I sit too.


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