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I'm sorry to talk about pooing!

I have been having trouble opening my bowel 2weeks ago I was given fybogel, movicol & glycerin suppositories by my doctor. It sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. I am Getting well paranoid it is something other than the 'endo' today it hurt so much I thought my bowel was going to come out. Does anyone else suffer like this? Is it kind of normal with endometriosis? Thanks.

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Yes its very common so don't worry. I use lactulose for my constipation and I take that everyday and it keeps them soft and easier to let go, LOL. It takes time to find something that works for u but ask ur doc to try lactulose and see if that helps. I also have endo between my womb and bowel so causes me a lot of pain in my stomach when im havin a bowel movement xx


lactulose in the top and suppositories up the bottom, every night for 3-4 days is what i do when i've got bunged up.

The longer you leave it bunged and still eat, the more nightly treatments you will need to unblock.

And leave the glycerin in much longer than the 1 hour it tells you to.

Yes you will feel the need to go as it causes your bowels to absorb water, but the longer you leave it before going to the loo the more work it can do to break down that solid mass of poop and get more of it out of you each night.

If you just keep it in for the 1 hour it doesn't do that much but shoot out the water that you have absorbed in to the bowel, rather than breaking down the blockage.

I try and aim for 2 hours if my muscles can manage it. I've only once made it to 2hours, but keep holding it in for as long as you can manage to.

Then repeat every night till you are certain that the blockage has cleared out.

Meanwhile drink plenty of fluids, soups instead of meals,icecream yoghurts etc.

No fatty foods at all, keep your intake to stuff which will rehydrate you and ordinarily loosen the bowels.

It could be that you have a partially constricted bowel or colon due to adhesions from endo, but endo itself is much less likely to cause a blockage. Or it could be pain killers that cause it, or simply dietary intake that you can't process properly and send down the chute quick enough.

If the constipation keeps happening then the GP might want to send you to be scanned to see if here is a kink in the pipe work or it is squished in by adhesions around the outside.

Wishing you best of luck getting rid of the blockage. So frustrating when that happens, but rest assured you are not at all alone in having that happen.


That is really helpful thank you xx


I think it's really important to keep an eye on this and not just presume it's endo. It probably is but might be an idea to talk to your Doctor about having a colonoscopy to rule out polyps (and kinks caused by Endo as Impatient suggested).

Good luck x


Great point I forgot about polyps... yes they too can be a problem.

Argh me and my zoladex memory, so annoying forgetting things.

Thanks for the reminder Cloudyrain.


For my constipation I use milk of magnesia and when really bad I use a suppository but cut it in half as a whole one all at once is just too much. I have endometriosis, ibs and diverticular disease so gentle constipation relief is required. Things have improved a bit since they diagnosed an underactive thyroid and my meds are right the constipation has improved. I couldn't use lactulose or fybogel as it caused too much bloating and pain Movicol worked sometimes but I would be using 6-8 packets a day. Milk of magnesia is the only thing that works and doesn't cause pain. Good luck you will find something that works!


Janey the glycerine ones don't chop in half, they are rubbery capsules filled with liquid glycerine and really squidgy, you dip them in water before insertion, but you have to be careful as they get really slimy then and can catapult off in any direction (oh yes I've had that happen and had to scurry back to the bedroom for a replacement LOL.)


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