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Finally diagnosed


I had my first lap yesterday after a year and a half of endo symptoms. I've spent all this time worrying about the procedure itself and worrying about being told they couldn't find anything that I wasn't actually prepared for hearing the words "you have endometriosis". I am very lucky that it isn't severe and they were able to lazer it all away.

I have taken the personal decision to not have any treatment at this stage although I am going to go on the pill next week to see if that helps. I am 31 and have a lot of years ahead of me to endure this horrible condition so I am going to see how long I can go pain free for and then contact my consultant when the pains start again. I could get anything from one month to years of being pain free, who knows?! Ny consultant was very respectful of my choice and has now signed me off her books and told me to contact her if I need her.

I am going to focus now on changing my life style. If anything the past year and a half has taught me that if u don't have ur health then u don't have anything. I am going to reduce my hours at work and spend quality time with my daughter. I'm going to have a look at this endo diet and start walking and do a bit of yoga.

I am recovering really well so far (touch wood!) from the lap yesterday. I guess when u suffer from chronic pain for so long u begin to develop a high pain threshold. The gas pain does hurt and peppermint is amazing at easing it! I sucked some pepperment flavouted softmints and they were a god send! Make sure you have paracetamol at home as well as ibrupfhen because by the time u leave the hospital u have maxed out ur daily allowance of ibruphen and so can only take paracetamol for the rest of that day.

I wore a maxi dress to the hospital and it was so comfy for going home in as it didn't hurt my tummy and I had two pillows for the drive home - one for my back and one to protect my tummy from the seatbelt. I had really bad cramps in my hands for hours afterwards and that is becos of the anaesthetic and that has gone now.

I was absolutely petriefied going in for that lap, I had tears streaming down my face becos of the fear - but now I don't know why I was so worried. So any ladies out there panicking, don't worry its just the fear of the unknown and the unknown isn't bad I promise x

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i was the same before my lap, i feared it so much, the anasetic the procedure, the fact they wouldn't find an answer but you're right the actual procedure is fine, and i did think after what was i worried about.

its good news that you found some answers, and that it wasn't too severe and they could laser some off for you, for me they found severe endo and said they couldn't treat it so although i'm three weeks post lap, i'm in more pain than i was before, seen my consultant yesterday and i'm on the list for a full hysterectomy, which i'm fine with as i have older children, but i still need answers as to why they didnt try to treat at time of lap, and if they will be able to remove it all at next op.

its good your recovering well, but take it easy, i found as soon as starting feeling better i wanted to get out or start doing chores, my body soon let me know i wasn't ready, and even now i can't stand longer than 30-40 mins without feeling labour like pain and then a heavy bleed, but i did have an ablation done at the same time so i'm blaming that lol.

take it easy xx


I am glad you have a result. I have my Lap 2 weeks today I have never been so excited about something in my life, I am in so much pain lately I just want to get this sorted. I am so petrified though that they will turn around and say they found nothing and then they wont do anything and write me of this really scares me as I know something cannot be right.

I was thinking about starting yoga but going to wait until after the Lap get a diagnosis first then take it from there, I love bike riding but that has been such a struggle lately the sudden weight gain is really getting to me at the moment and it is getting me down that I am struggling to lose it. x

Hi Worth, I am sorry to hear you are still in a lot of pain :(

It is very important to take control of your consultant. I asked for a meeting with my consultant on monday afternoon. I told her that she did not have permission to insert a coil during my lap, I told her that I wanted her to also assess my womb for adenomyosis, I said to her that she had to come and see me before I was discharged to explain everything to me and I wasn't gonna go home until I knew what had happened told her I just wanted lazering at this point and no other treatment. She did everything I asked of her.

Hi x_b_x since I started with all my symptoms I've had a lot of water retention, especially in my wrists, ankles and legs and I've had a swollen tummy. Since the lap yesterday it is all gone and everything is back to normal. I can't believe it!

curly - i need you to come with me on appointments lol, i'm so mad at myself for not being so firm at yesterdays appointment, but i know i'm going to have to be next time when i see him in two months at his 'special clinic' as he called it, because i'm not happy with what i've been told so it will put me in more panic for next op.

i really want to try pilates/yoga but am scared to try it as i am still overweight lol, maybe i need to go and have a nosey at the class secretly lol, i put on masses of weight over the years, but lost 5.5 stone last year, still have a bit to go but am pleased with what i've done so far, and i am trying to look at parts of the endo diet, but trying to reduce certain food types one at a time but its really in depth isnt it?


So happy to hear that your Lap went well and you have now got some answers to what you are suffering from. Sounds like you had a fab consultant and go you for staying strong and saying what you wanted. Hope the recovery continues to go well for you. x

Your experience sounds similar to mine. I had a lap 3 weeks ago and mild endo was found and lasered off and I had no major pain just discomfort and tightness in my tummy. But do take it easy, as I didn't because I thought I was fine and I'm still not feeling 100% now. Also depending on where your endo was you may get internal pains from the laser which I was really concerned about but my mind has been out to rest after seeing my dr and more so speaking to people on here. So if you do experience that dot worry it seems to be a normal process of recovery. I am also going to try the endo diet, but I think the main dietary trigger for my endo is alcohol so il struggle to give that up on a Saturday night!

Glad the op went well for you and hope you make a speedy recovery! X

Oh and also I've been told to tricycle my pill(take it for 3 months without a break) to try to slow down the rate the endo returns so if your starting the pill that may be an idea for you too x

Aw thanks for that Sally, I've been thinking to myself that the only question I blummin forgot to ask was should I continually take my pill or stop for the period break! I love this forum because you find out everything you need to know and all you ladies are lovely :) I promise I will take it easy because my good recovery so far seems too good to be true! I'm on bed rest with dvd boxsets and I get up to walk around every couple of hours! X

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