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Men well generally many obnoxious people!!

Sorry ladies but here is a rant!

Why is there so many obnoxious idiots about nowadays. If your in pain well you must be a hypochondriac or just playing on it! This not only comes from my oh and family but also friends. I mean seriously why can u die of a cold but god forbid i have tummy pains!! Just gets me really down. One friend lately who has also got endometriosis has been saying and i quote oh your pains are nothing to my knee pain its so much worse than endo ur a hyprochondriac. Ffs!! 😠 sorry ladies but phew!!

From a fellow warrior


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Oh my goodness I know how you feel. I usually get oh it's just women's problems! Usually if it's a man saying it I threaten to hit him where it hurts so he will know just how bad my pain is!


Direct quotes from my family and friends;

When are u gonna have kids?

How far gone are you? (Bloating)

Can't you just have an hysterectomy?

Its no worse than any other woman's period...she uses it as an excuse

She plays on it for sympathy

Just go on the pill

All those pain killers have warped ur mind ur immune to them now

Just go the drs

Ur lazy

...walk a day in my shoes before u comment tyvm xx


my parents concluded that since i had a lap then I'm fine now and I'm basically cured.

endo is an awful, cruel illness in many ways, i sometimes feel we suffer like cancer patients, but get no sympathy (or at least some basic human understanding) from people.


i totally understand what it means to feel this way. not even 'just' about the pain, but other symptoms too, e.g. i have weeks at times when i sleep like 14 hours a day, can't do anything but go to work, shower, and sleep, otherwise if i force myself to go out, do anything other than sleep to try to act 'normal' I'm so exhausted the day after i literally fall asleep at my desk (and i love my job).

i know people don't get it, and i don't think i would have understand it a couple of years back if someone had told me. someone having cancel, yeah sure i get it, but endo? something that doesn't kill you makes you feel that way? seemed impossible.

on one side i understand those who don't understand us, but on the other that compete lack of understanding really hurts.. and sometimes makes me feel just as frustrated as you are now.

i don't think we can do anything about it though.. i first told my parents about endo and they seem to think that since i got lap I'm now ok.. i can't be bothered to explain thats totally not the case. but after seeing their reaction i didnt tell anyone else, apart from my partner. i don't think there is a point really.


In my opinion the less people know the better, if I've explained Endometriosis once I've done it 100 times, they just don't listen and they certainly don't know how much emotion strain that puts on us, how can I be a good daughter, a caring daughter when you are being such a bad parent/friend/etc etc I have nobody in my life any more friendships for me in particular aren't important its just another person to upset, its just not worth it. I've been so lucky to find my soul mate we're for keeps he doesn't understand but he's trying and he never questions it he just goes with it and helps when I ask xx

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Totally true what you have all put. One of my bosses told me I needed to see a psychiatrist to talk about the pain. Implying it was in my head. Then she told me a laparoscopic hysterectomy "is not a major operation as its done by keyhole". All this from a horrible boss who cried when she had the flu vaccination and who has NEVER had gynae problems herself!!

Oh was also told she expected me back 6 weeks post op. This was my 3rd op in 14 months. I will go back when my GP and I feel I am fit. Some people just have no idea what we suffer from do they?!


If you don't go through it you will never know. I only take 2weeks off work after a lap and my manager puts up his nose like I have committed a crime. Even my colleagues think I am pushing it, I don't tell them the details of my op though as I really don't need their empathy or opinion (I won't get it anyway).

6years ago, a friend told me how her mother in law was buying her baby clothes and how that it makes her sad. My stupid reply was "what are you waiting for then, just go ahead and start a family already" - just to say she's no longer my friend because she cut all ties with me. Fast forward to now and let's just say I now know what it takes to be TTC :(


I heard the best (worst?) quote about myself at work a few weeks ago.

"I hope that it makes her infertile because she's too self absorbed to take care of a child"

Self absorbed because my boss asked me how I was in a team meeting. Apparently it's even attention seeking when I don't bring it up.

Needless to say, I cried myself to sleep that night.


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