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Injury after laparoscopy

I had a laparoscopy on Saturday and have been sore since obviously, with some light bleeding. This morning my partner was sleeping and in his sleep he put his arm around where my wounds are and pulled me close to cuddle me, it was so sore and since then I have been bleeding heavier. Has anyone ever been hurt like this at this time, what did you do about it? I don't feel strong enough to go to hospital and be checked out xx

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aw im so sorry your hurting so much its not good i had a car crash 12 days after mine and started to bleed heavy and in alot of pain they give me anti biotics at the hospital and just said you had more trauma to a delicate area and it could have disturbed it i think its wise to at least phone your doc or the NHS direct 111 and your partner can phone for you! just to be on the safe side i hope you get it sorted let me know.

hugs and tummy love for you



Ouch, ouch OUCH !!!

If there's a phone number for the gynae ward on your discharge letter, give them a call and check with them. They should still have staff on duty who are familiar with post surgery bleeds. Better disturbing them than NHS direct, seeing as you are fresh out of surgery still.

Not likely to be too busy in the night, but will be busier late morning onwards, as the new surgery cases for tomorrow are wheeled back to the ward..

I'm sure you'll be okay just resting and letting it calm down again. Possible pulled a stitch or two or just agravated unhealed wounds. If the bleeding doesn't ease off then you might need help from the hosp, but they'll more likely tell you to rest.

Ask partner to sleep top to tail tomorrow night, so if he does reach out he'll just be grabbing your legs instead.



Def ring your ward number, I know you are scared. They will be able to put your mind at rest or sort it out for you. We are all here for you! Xxx


Make him sleep on the floor. You need to get better X


hi i recently had lap hysterectomy i put a pillow in between myself and my partner to prevent his arms and knees and him rolling over on to me lol and he slept on the sofa for a few days ( bless him ) i would ring the hospital straight away dont prolong it xxxxx hope everything settles down for you xxx


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